Motiv Desert Tank vs Motiv Tank Blitz | In Depth Comparison | Purple Tank Preview!!

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With the Motiv Purple Tank coming VERY soon I wanted to compare the Motiv Desert Tank and the Motiv Tank Blitz! Both of these bowling balls are staples in my tournament arsenal as well as my league arsenal!

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52 Comments on “Motiv Desert Tank vs Motiv Tank Blitz | In Depth Comparison | Purple Tank Preview!!”

  1. I finally got the desert tank and man I feel ya it’s a awesome ball it is definitely my go to ball soon as the lanes start to break down

  2. i know ur motiv staff and motiv stuff is discounted for u but mayb every once in awhile a comparison between companies be cool like paralax effect vs jackal legacy or something

    1. Yeah that’s the only thing I dont like about the yt scene. Everyone only uses their products but that’s understandable right? Like they dont want to make their product look bad or make their videos look biased. Cant blame anyone for sticking to their stuff. Maybe you could start a channel where you compare the different companies. I love storm, 900, and motiv myself. So I like this channel and it keeps me informed on what they have while I follow the others to see what they offer.

    2. He’s not allowed to throw anything else under contract. Unless you mean just talk about it without throwing it, then I’m not sure how that works.

    3. So if I wasn’t on staff I would do these comparisons between companies but my contract doesn’t allow me to throw other companies. I will say however that I REALLY love the Motiv brand and I’m really happy to be with them!

  3. Great video. I love my Tank Blitz. I just ordered the Desert Tank. I have done really well with the Blitz. I’m hoping the Desert Tank will be a good compliment to the Blitz.

    1. @MotivLou I just received the Desert Tank. It is an amazing compliment to the Tank Blitz. I switched to the Desert Tank at the end of the first game of league. My first full game with the Desert Tank was a 242. I think I’m really going to like this ball. I still need a little more time to learn the motion better, but when I threw it correctly it went through the pins really well.

  4. I really have my eye on the blitz. Was going to get one of the big balls you guys have but idk that thing looks really good

    1. Dude the Blitz is unreal. Luis is 100% right here about how it’s almost impossible to overthrow it. It’s one of those “general vicinity” balls. Flush shots destroy the rack, and light hits send headpins flying to clean up anything left standing. You really can’t miss unless you’re way inside of target. Brooklyns don’t really happen with this ball… lol

    1. @MotivLou Please make it a long review and compare Purple Tank to other balls on the ‘same line’ so we can judge the relative strength of the Purple.

    2. @nordattack I will do the reviews as normal my friend. First I’ll review just the purple then I’ll do comparisons to other similar balls

  5. I have the blitz (Love this ball, but too strong past most first game on house shot I will say later if urethane is thrown it will come back out or supra.), and thinking of the Desert tank, what would you say the comparison would be to Hydra and Thrill being dry and light oil balls. thanks in advance.

    1. @MotivLou I have both and agree, my HS is typically low vol just wonder where desert tank would fit between the two. I’m 3.5 above ring RH for the Hydra and Thrill

  6. Desert Tank will be delivered tomorrow. Should have been here last week, but I’m in TX, and we had a bit of weather last week lol. Can’t wait, thx for your vids man!

    1. I can definitely make that happen in a livestream! I’m an actual comparison video probably not just because the Flight is so much different than the jackals you know. If you join my Patreon linked in the description we can def make that livestream happen 😉

  7. OK you convinced me. I have a Blitz coming. My league has a short pattern coming next week. Any suggestions on drilling ? Pin up or Pin down. Speed dominant low revs.

    1. Speed dominant low revs I would go something like 45×3 3/8×20 that will make it really strong and create some shape

    2. @MotivLou Thanks Lou. I got the Blitz and had it drilled last night.
      I went with a layout close to what you suggested. Decided to try it on league. Dead Mans curve.
      Singles league . Averaged 200 for the 4 games. Nice smooth reaction for me. Thanks again.

  8. great Video THS shot here in NC is 37 foot, just bought my first Motiv being a Brunswick rotogrip guy for 40 yrs. needed something to bowl up the lane instead of swinging it. Got a Fatal Venom, Driller calmed it down some and now l am 20 boards left with my feet then with my other stuff. Looking into the Desert Tank, just want to bowl straighter is greater. and find the right drilling too go up the lane instead a Rev Dominant lefty here

    1. DEF recommend the Desert then! I would recommend doing 45×4.25×70 to really help you go up the lane!! Look up the MotivLou facebook page! Post a video there so I can see! Or join my Patreon for way more 1 on 1 help!!

  9. That desert tank struck every time you hit 12 to 8.
    I was only just getting to know mine when bowling shut down in Ontario. Hopefully we are back on the lanes next month.

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