Motiv Desert Tank Two Month Review

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Whats going on my youtube fam?!? Today we are reviewing the Desert Tank two months after I originally reviewed it! Ball is ABSOLUTELY staying in my bag! I can't imagine a scenario where this ball would be out of the bag! Let me know if you y'all like these kinds of videos and if you don't like them TELL ME WHY lol don't just thumbs down it. Make sure to use my promo code at logo infusion for 20% off your order. Must create a free account and log in to use the code. My promo code is LUIS - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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48 Comments on “Motiv Desert Tank Two Month Review”

  1. I am a lefty…i had mine drilled for shorter patterns but a had been using it on every pattern…i like the way it doesn’t over react down lane and very readable..i my have to get another one.

  2. The Desert Tank looks smooth and powerful i will get after my TankBiltz you throw it well. My strength is from the second arrow all the way to the one board but I am working with a coach to get better working off of the third arrow I am excited to get better so I am working on my weakness. Keep up the great content and congratulations on winning events and cashing and shooting scores.

    1. Fred Baldwin Thanks for that Fred ! All we can do is practice practice practice and get better!!! Keep up the grind !

    1. Bluetooth Speaker Depot Scorn was good but I didn’t love the cover. The cover on the Flash/Nemesis/Supra is sooooo much better

    2. Ben Steorts ///yes,yes,yes? I would hope motiv would come out with a Asymmetrical desert tank ball, Man dude I think that would be the best of all balls in the last 10 years the best of Motiv,?? Can you imagine? It would most likely be better than the two motiv balls that were ejected from the PBA, & USBC. remember (if your a motiv fan) if not look up the two that were rejected on goggle or go to Motiv on your search engine. I like your comment..

    1. Pen Pan Post By Lipi Lipi Thanks Lipi !! I’m trying! Your channel is looking great also!! Even though I don’t understand half of it 😂😂

  3. I just drilled up a covert tank and love how I can play straight up the 5. Shot my very first 700 in league last month with the tank blitz. I really love that microcell polymer cover! How does the desert tank compare to the covert and blitz? Would you recommend it?

    1. Alden229 The Desert Tank is prob my second favorite ball ever lol it hooks less than the blitz but creates way more shape than the blitz. I HIGHLY recommend the Desert. I shot my first 800 (826) with the Desert!!

  4. Hey man, I’m looking for a ball that’s great on low to no oil plus great for right side spares like 10 pins would you still recommend the dessert?

    1. Domed Gaming the desert tank is a great option for lower volume and/or short pattern yea and on regular pattern is CAN be used as a spare ball just depends on your rev rate. If you don’t flat out your wrist I’d highly recommend a sniper as a spare ball. Remember the Desert tank is not urethane and will hook more than urethane

  5. I love my new desert tank. I have used it for about 4 games and will always carry it in my bag. It allows me to play farther right than my other equipment but I can still shape the ball since I’m not the best at bowling a straight line.

    1. Garrett Fussell nice !!! I’m glad you like it Garrett ! Yea it let’s me play further right than anything else I have also and I super love it !!

  6. I had a hard time using the Blitz, but I would love seeing this pearl microcell with a gear core.

    This ball is probably going to be the first one I have ever bought extras to stash away. It works that great for me.

    1. Scott Falwell I WISH they would put this cover on a bigger core forsure !! Gear core would be nice but I’m thinking something like predator v2 or the sidewinder core would be great also !

  7. I already have a thrill, so would you recommend the desert tank still? Or do you think surface adjustments to the thrill will give me a motion in the ballpark of desert tank?

    1. Shannon Coleman The thrill and desert tank are not even close. Even with surface adjustments the Thrill won’t ever give you the motion of the desert. Desert tank is the daddy ball for me !

    2. @MotivLou that’s simply a lie mate. So either your deliberately deceiving Shannon to try an drum up sales via the worst way possible or your a numpty who doesn’t know what he Is talking about.

  8. Just got my bowler ID done and had mine drilled last night, ready to try it out this weekend. Supra should be here on Monday!

    1. @MotivLou that’s the plan! I’m just excited to see how it rolls since I got my PAP and tilt measurements opposed to every other ball I have drilled.

  9. Lou – just drilled up the desert. Seems to hook a lot. Will it settle down after a few games ?
    I wanted it to play the outside on shorter patterns.

    1. Mine hooked a TON when I first got it! Since then it has settled down quite a bit. Took about 30-ish games to settle down a bit

  10. Great vid would love to see a surface change on this ball.
    Just bought the VIP and it was crazy your surface vid helped a bunch.

    1. Oh I appreciate that!! Going forward I’m going to be doing a surface video on all new releases! I really think those surface videos help!

  11. I know this is an older vid but I just watched it. Honestly I feel like the Covert Tank’s core would match up better with this cover than the actual Covert Tank

    1. You’re probably right! The cover on the covert tank was soooooooo weak! That core definitely would have benefited from a stronger cover like what’s on the desert!

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