14 Comments on “Motiv Blue Tank | Part 1 (Tweener & 2-hand) by TamerBowling.com”

    1. I haven’t tested the pitch black but by all accounts I’d have to say yes. Different ball motion for sure.

  1. Looks like the Blue has a beautifully rounded motion.
    Yeah, we need a shoot out again.
    Blue vs. Purple, same layouts and surface.
    Also it would be nice to see both on a higher volume sport shot, say 41 ft. like the 2022 USBC Masters Pattern.

    1. Won’t be as chuggy as the blitz was for you I don’t think. I believe you said that did nothing for you. This one allows a bit more motion with the pearl in the cover without having to add compound

    2. @TamerBowling Blitz was long and flippy and very over/under. Impossible to get a consistent reaction with.
      I had two Blitz with totally opposite layouts and struggled with them for half a year before I gave up.
      Never hated a ball more. The slow oil absorption is what made the Blitz horrible. If you threw it quick, even if you wiped it, it lost its reaction, but if you threw it slow and gave it a couple of mins to let that oil settle on it, then it was strong. Jekyll/Hyde.

  2. Pls do old style of videos with rating and all 3 styles or atleast u and stroker in same video.

    1. Will have the other styles in a separate video. Whether they are together or separate is simply a function of timing and availability of the testers.

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