11 Comments on “Motiv Blue Coral Venom (1-handed & 2-handed) AS GOOD AS THE SHOCK? by TamerBowling.com”

  1. Great review! Do you think there would be any use in having both the Venom Recoil and the Blue Coral Venom?

    1. Eh…About the same issue with overlap. Yes they will be slightly different but the 3 seem a bit close to all be in the same bag. I figure the recoil might even be closer to the coral than the Shock. You would need to separate them more with surface if you want them in the same bag.

  2. Another great video, I have the Blue Coral already pre-ordered, can’t wait to see how it rolls in comparison to my Recoil.

  3. To me. It’s another case of Motiv playing it too safe AGAIN! Bring something new, and refreshing to the table. That actually feels and looks different from what they already have in the line.

  4. Saw where you placed the ball. I am looking for a Medium/Low volume ball. I have to much hook with the Zenith and Results+. The
    Vintage Phantom is close to usable. At 79 I have a problem throwing the ball fast enough over 4 games.

    1. Have you tried shining them up? Hard for me to say for a specific bowler without seeing but it should be less than those balls you mentioned. Even still, you might want to consider shining them up a bit to get more length.

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