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    1. Old Motiv cover technology says the Recoil should be earlier with relatively the same amount of punch. BV will probably be better at covering boards later on however.

    2. @Lucas had my first 700 with it, then next week my second. 756 and 723 with it. The GOAT.
      If I’m honest Motiv is trying to create a shape that doesn’t fit balanced bowlers anymore. Most pieces are too late, and others too early. I have had to switch away from them. Haven’t thrown a new one since the Enzo.

    3. @Chugalingus Yea I can see that. The Primal Shock has been amazing for me, but that’s an old cover. The Carbide has been dogshit, and my Iron Forge is about the most over/under ball I’ve ever used.

    1. If my 2-handed style and Tyler aren’t enough for you, then you need only watch EJ Tackett I guess…

    2. Rev rate and surface prep are both very linear things. More revs is going to be more motion, more surface is more traction. Less is less. If you need to see a million different styles of bowlers to understand what a ball is doing, you need to learn to recognize the phases of ball motion better. I’m a 2H righty, and I can tell if a ball will work for me just from watching Tamer himself.

  1. I was really looking forward to this review being a lefty too. Then after watching I liked the motion a lot and it’s self appeal is crazy good. I just can’t see getting this ball because I have the Motiv Pride solid and just don’t see enough in it to replace the Pride. Still though down the road maybe. Thanks Tamer I appreciate your in depth reviews.

  2. Interesting review. I have the Venom Shock and the Black Venom with identical layouts and I found that the BV was quite a bit earlier than the VS and with more overall hook. So far, the VS matches up with my game better than the BV. Just goes to show…different strokes for different folks. I always enjoy your reviews…great content. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for watching. How the balls respond is all going to come down to surface prep. So if your VS is lane shined, it will look longer. However, OOB, BV is 4000 LSS and VS is 3000 LSS so logic dictates on that alone the VS should be earlier.

    2. @Gerardo Vicedo you’re right sorry. But we still found it rolling earlier than the Black Venom.

    3. @TamerBowling no worries i have the primal and venom shock and thinking about the black venom. thanks for the video.

  3. I found the black venom to be really unforgiving if I got it in the oil. I bought it originally to be my benchmark(2 handed lefty) but I think i’d match up to the venom shock much better. I’ve thrown the primal shock and liked the shape and forgiveness much more so I hope the venom shock will be what i’m looking for

    1. I totally get that. The venom shock will be a little more “reliable” backend because it does more in general. The black venom is pretty smooth intentionally and thus makes it a very good benchmark but yeah if you throw a shot where you’re thinking, “man I hope that comes back”, the VS is more likely to actually accomplish that.

    2. I will add the term benchmark is somewhat generic in the sense it’s whatever a bowler trusts most and is versatile for them. In that regard, it may fit in random places in my arsenal building technique. Many times it’s the mid control but sometimes it’s somewhere else.

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