Motiv Black Venom Ball Review by Brand Ambassador Ricky Overton!

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Today Ricky will be reviewing the all new Motiv Black Venom! Let me know in the comments if you want more bowlers and styles featured on the channel!

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47 Comments on “Motiv Black Venom Ball Review by Brand Ambassador Ricky Overton!”

  1. Bowlersmart says the black venom won’t be out until the 29th. Somehow my local bowling center got them early (my ball driller is a storm vip member, not motiv). I got to use it for the first time this past Friday in league, and it’s amazing!

  2. I’ve never stuck with one single brand of ball. I just use whichever gets me the motion I need. I have balls from storm, 900G, roto grip, brunswick, hammer, and now Motiv. After using the black venom, I’m thinking of going full Motiv.

    1. I would say that’s probably a mistake. Motiv makes good stuff, especially their solid pieces in the Jackal and Venom lines, but they have a hard time making anything shiny that’s worth throwing. My PSO is on the Motiv staff and we talk regularly about their releases and and how they play on the lanes. SPI (storm, roto, 900 global) is unmatched in the shape department. If you don’t believe me, watch Luis’s last couple Motiv reviews and then watch his 900 global reviews.

    2. If I wanted to go full Motiv, do you think that these three balls are a good trio for league? I would start from top to bottom: (two handed, no thumb, 14-15 mph, unknown rev rate but I tend to play medium-large angles if that helps)
      Primal Shock
      Black Venom
      Venom Shock

    3. If you’re not on staff for a specific brand there’s literally zero reason to go full on for any of them.

    4. 나도 동의해
      블랙베놈 쓰고나서 모티브가 위대해보이네
      근데 펄 소재의 볼은 모티브가 별로 라는데..
      그건 조심해야겟군, 4000 마감은 무조건사야겟고..

    5. I throw all Motiv except the Phaze line always keep one in the bag,however, I dislike the P5 so much I took it out and replaced it with Ripcord Launch.

  3. Really enjoyed the video. Ricky was interesting in the way he answered questions and that was interesting. Also thinking about switching to motiv balls in the fall as winter season is almost done and in summer league you have only two balls which are going to be the eternity and the fate but I somewhat disappointed in storm balls. Just never been crazy about them but the guy who does my drilling is storm rep and I am going to use a different driller for the summer balls and see how it works out and he is motiv associated. Enjoyed video👍👍

  4. Nice to see some Motiv balls back on the channel. I’m a Storm guy, but I like to see all brands. Thanks Luis!

    1. Gonna try to showcase more brands on the channel however I will only be throwing the SPI stuff myself

    2. @Luis Napolesthat’s awesome. Understandable considering you’re an SPI staff member. I’m assuming Storm doesn’t mind other brands on the channel as long as it’s not you.

  5. Good stuff Luis! Nice to see a guest reviewer. That Black Venom is legit and at a good price point. Heard Motiv had to bump the release date to keep up with the demand.

  6. After all this time, nothing has changed because he’s only still good for 299! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Only the real OGs know. All love Ricky!

  7. Due to MotivLou’s reviews I picked up the Jackal Ghost, Fatal Venom and the Venom Shock. They are all great balls. I picked up the Pride shortly after Lou left Motiv and threw a 300 with it. It’s nice to see Motiv reviews on this channel again.

  8. Throws it too fast for the moment. It’d be great for him once the pair transitions, or get it to the friction earlier

  9. You sure throw fast! Drop the speed 10 mph and the revs under 150 and maybe I can learn if this ball is for me.

  10. I have a Roto Grip hustle Camo and this Venom looks very similar. Hit this one with 2000 and then lightly with 3000 is what I did to my camo which had the 4k box finish

  11. Thanks Ricky, for doing this video, I not only see what ball does on lane, but how the person releases the ball and their approach. Everyone has their own style, but your stance on the approach , the 5 step to release is very similar to mine and could relate more to how the ball would react on the lane to my style of bowling. This helps with making a better decision in ball choices. With so many balls that came out in last couple of years, I see many repeats of other balls. Like this one replaces that one, etc. I have a 3 year old Ebonite GB 3 black/ blue hybred that I love. Now the EB 4 Hybred with HK22 added to the cover stock but so far seems like same reaction to my GB 3 hybred. But this may be the replacement to mine which I just got detoxed and resurfaced to 2000 grit and will continue to be in my back with my Hammer Offset 3D high rev and Roto Grip hustle Camo. At 72 I have 185 to 190 average. Thanks again Ricky, hope to see more from you and Luis. Reno in May. I think the Eternity will be a good ball for my future arsenal.

  12. Got the ball early and thought of wanting to drill it pin up. But my pro shop recommended it pin down. Man im glad i followed his recommendation cuz that ball hooks. A good step down from my raptor and zen soul

  13. Would love to see more of this style video. All brands welcomed. Is Andrew still your buddy and around? Could bring him back to toss some Motiv rocks?!

  14. Luis your on to something here, having a Motive rep throwing his stuff, would love to see a Brunswick rep if it’s possible. Thanks for branching out or should I say branching back.

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