Most Angular Asymmetrical Bowling Balls Offered By Storm & 900 Global | Eternity and Absolute

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The Storm Absolute and the 900 Global Eternity are the Most angular bowling balls offered by Storm! Today we are going to compare them!

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41 Comments on “Most Angular Asymmetrical Bowling Balls Offered By Storm & 900 Global | Eternity and Absolute”

  1. Absolute has been great. It’s become the ball I use for league. Was thinking about buying the eternity but after watching this review they look too similar it would be pointless to have both in my arsenal. Thanks! Love the reviews Luis 🤙

  2. I got my Eternity coming Friday! Can’t wait to throw it. Do prefer the reacta gloss or are you going to change any surface on them (either)?

  3. I love the shape of my Absolute. Great ball. I think my game matches up to the strong core/weak cover type balls. However, I think mine has that slimy feel to it on the cover that Luke Rosdahl was talking about on a couple of the newer balls that came out recently.

  4. Last week I bowled in league with the Absolute. First time I didn’t have to do a ball change to a weaker ball. Stayed with the Absolute the whole night. Definitely love the pop it has down lane. Thanks for the comparison!

    1. I have the Absolute, I love this ball, I haven’t touched the surface, my two buddies have one also and they each have changed the surface. Both of them have good scores also but we can’t seem to use it for a 3 game set.

    2. @David Soto I am getting that same scenario, good first two games with an absolute then stepping down to my weaker drilled Revenant.

  5. Great reviews. TNT/Phaze II and Absolute/Eternity. So very helpful. I’m putting a TNT in my bag on Friday. And I’m putting an Eternity in my bag soon. I like to keep only three balls ever. My lineup will be TNT, Eternity and Intel SE by Radical. Thanks so much for your help. I really am a better bowler thanks to your channel.

  6. I have the absolute and it is my first ball out of bag on house. Then revenant then hyroad pearl. This summer the eternity is one of two balls in our two ball league along with the fate. I am getting more comfortable with the absolute for now. Really enjoy your videos

  7. It looked to me like the Eternity had a lot of miss room on the fresh. That’s when you need miss room, when you’re just warming up and getting into the flow of the league. It also appeared that the Eternity was able to turn the corner on the burn from farther left than I can remember ever seeing you throw the ball, albeit with a reduction of speed. But slower speed is just part of moving left. The Absolute is a great ball as well, but I think the scores will be higher with the Eternity. I did not expect that, because I thought S84 would be too strong a cover. I still think a slightly weaker cover (and 900 Global has a great selection of covers) would improve this ball for most bowlers.

  8. The further left you moved the better the Absolute looked! Great Comparison 👍 that just convinced me I was looking at both balls…. The Absolute will absolutely be going in my bag!

  9. I really thought there would be way more difference in strength between the 2 with the eternity’s cover being so much stronger.

  10. Eternity, Exotic Gem, Absolute.. OOB shiny asyms, IMHO same spot in the bag. Pick the one you emotional like most and fill the bag with other ball options. … summarized but again a great video from you Luis. Thanks for the content again and again 🙂

  11. The next to last shot with the absolute was the best ball you threw the whole video. The ball roll was forward and you saw how strong (good) it reads off the end of the pattern.

  12. Shot 707 tonight. Gone up each week starting 3 weeks ago(1st set since 12/22/2016)… Threw 4 frames with my Virtual Gravity. Had some intense wrist pain, switched to the IQ TourSolid and just “suitcased” it to 707…

  13. I bowled with the Eternity last night at league and used it from beginning to end and averaged 212 with it out of the box. It was very smooth and hit like a truck all night. Nothing snappy at all and no splits dare I say all night long…Thanks for your videos and comparisons on this ball.

  14. Been thinking about getting one of these balls but a little scared of both of them since I am older and so I throw a much slower ball with a bit less revolution so worried that keeping these on the lane may not be possible

  15. I love the absolute! I went with a 65 X 5.5 X 65 with my layout, which put my pin in my middle finger, giving the ball a smoother motion but wow does it want to bit off the friction

  16. Looks like the Eternity has better energy into the pocket (when you throw it good). Would be curious how they would look with a surface change. Great video as usual!

  17. I have both, the eternity is my go-to ball, I dont bowl league but I want to join one. The absolute does me right depending on the oil. But I bowl 2 handed, so the eternity does me justice getting it down lane

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