Mental Preparation Before a Tournament – #RadicalRundown

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Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

In this video, Phil & Ronnie discuss the mental and physical preparation before a big tournament.

How do you prepare for a big tournament? What to you do when it comes to selecting which balls to bring, practice session beforehand (if applicable) and thought process when arriving at the bowling center.

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4 Comments on “Mental Preparation Before a Tournament – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Bowling sometimes is life changing. If I tried to go to work everyday, I would be sick everyday. Bowling Tournaments fills a gap for me. I can handle (barely, but its exercise that is making me stronger) about two nights of league and a tournament on saturday. rest all week, then do it again. i won my first tournament this past saturday, securing my spot (it was a 7 tournament qualifier for a TOC) in a tournament of champions. After 9 different tournaments, cashing in only 3 (1st,5th,14th) getting through the final was the biggest boost and the most draining stressfully i could imagine, but now that I have experienced it, next time certainly will be more fun. I can be less in my head and know when to try new things.

    But its something I can do to get out of the house, something I can do to earn some cash. Bowling has been life changing for me. Radical balls have also made it possible. The Spy won the last tournament, and it will help in the next. The Closer has made me a better bowler all around. Brunswick brands are all I have in my bag, old ones and new ones (1976 c-300’s, 1994 ebonite, 2021 hammer plus the radicals etc)

    20 years ago when i started bowling, the league guys were stuck up and wouldn’t talk to me. Today, I can’t walk by a single one without having a good chat. I definitely like the way the game has evolved and the people involved in the sport today.

  2. No expectations, no disappointment. The lanes at a tournament can humble you very quickly in a matter of a few shots. Throw a bad shot, shrug it off and reset. I’m still developing in my mental and physical game but a positive attitude goes a very long way. Trust your instincts and equipment.

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