Maybe I Don’t HATE The Super Nova Like I Used To?!

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Today we are comparing the Storm Super Nova to the all new Storm DNA! These are the two strongest bowling balls we have in the current line!

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45 Comments on “Maybe I Don’t HATE The Super Nova Like I Used To?!”

  1. It took a lot of games to get my Super Nova to roll well and reliably. It’s my usual first out of the bag .

  2. I still hate my Super Nova but i keep giving a chance. Least used ball in my bag if it even makes it to the bag, haha.

  3. I got the supernova and I average about 160. Not a crazy good bowler but for me, it was excellent. First game out of the bag I went and shot 190. Second game was 196. Ever since then I haven’t gotten so high in score but it still has been doing good for me. And I love the smell of it!

  4. That lower backswing you worked on with Petraglia really helped your approach, huh? Look much more comfortable with it and repeatable now

  5. After that first practice shot, you went 12 in a row, both looked pretty good (gonna say that about the SN because I have one, haha).

  6. I love my Super Nova. It’s the first ball out of my bag. I’ve been wondering how the two compared. I will be adding the DNA to my arsenal.

  7. R.e. the super nova. I’d agree with revisiting balls. I hated the hyped hybrid. But gave it another try, and it has been working well for me in the proper conditions. Which goes to show things can change like your game or what you’re bowling on that changes how a ball rolls. The hyped for me just needs to be on a longer house shot pattern.

    1. I got a melee jab carbon and did not like what it did. Put a 1,000 on it and it is far better. The shine made it jump too much off the side and back. My go to ball is the Hyped solid.

  8. I wasn’t crazy about my Super Nova until I changed the surface to 3,00 and polish NOW it works well for me 🙂

  9. I was the same. 2 handed but my ball speed was 15mph max at the trap. So the big assym solids were a big no no for me. I am finally getting better and my speed is around 16 to 17mph if I’m really pushing it. Now I’m thinking maybe a big assym solid might be my next ball.

  10. Do you think the dna is stronger then the gem? I still don’t know if I should get the supernova gem or dna. You kinda convinced me to go supernova after this video thou

  11. They went to a shorter oil pattern this week, I’m doing something crazy, bringing out my Ebonite Omega Dry…

    1. @Luis Napoles  I’m finishing out the season for a buddy at a place called Bierstube Bowl in Red Wing, MN… A house that I have a couple 300s and an 837… Not bowling for 6+ years is catching up with me! I’ve turned into a disc golfer, and my release hasn’t come back the way I’d hoped…

  12. The supernova is my favorite ball out of my bag currently. It’s rare that you say you hate balls lol, what other balls do you hate?

    1. Ive said the same thing about the gem and exotic gem, the Zen Master and the Dark Code! HATED the DC lol

  13. I loved my Super Nova new. Rolls through the back so strong. Problem is the NEX. Once it soaks up oil it seems ineffective to me. HEY Everybody, Good content needs $$$. Join the channel. Luis does great videos.

  14. Sometimes balls just have to be broken in. I felt the same about my Nova. Felt like I wasted my money when I got it. The more I use it, the more it’s coming around and is starting to become a go to ball for me

  15. Hey Luis! I recently got into bowling a month ago and finally bowled a 200 game lol I am looking to upgrade from my entry level raw hammer hybrid, I bowl two handed 14-15mph average rev do you think I should go with a stronger pearl like an eternity or I also liked the zen how versatile it is! Lmk! Your vid’s are sick!

    1. Forgot to mention, I’ve found the hammer struggles to make it back to the pocket on medium to high oil situations

  16. I love my SuperNova!! My DNA is on order!! Maybe since you’ve been killing it with the DNA, the Nova is worling better for you now??

  17. I wonder if maybe the surface on the supernova was the issue since you resurfaced it to 2000. Maybe that changed the reaction to something more usable for you?

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