Maximum results VS GB4 | Full review

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7 Comments on “Maximum results VS GB4 | Full review”

  1. These comparisons are super solid, keep it up!

    Are you up at the pro shop at any specific times so I can plan a trip up there?

  2. Absolutely no doubt about Radical balls. But I still refuse to buy them simply because of their marketing choices. It’s just don’t think their kind of mentality deserves support.

    (But I’m still curious aabout a comparison between maximum vs results +)

    1. I’m 100% with you on this. I don’t care how good some of the stuff is, I will not buy from a company that attempts to tarnish other companies directly and in unfair manners. This extends beyond bowling too.

    2. @Chugalingus Tarnish? It’s just data comparisons using throw bot. Proof are in the numbers. But I guess you like to overpay and overhype over Storm/Roto

    3. @webmoss Things are a little bit more complex than that. Not saying the numbers are wrong, but they prove absolutely nothing. It’s way too easy to line up with a ball and then throw a ball in the same line and show how it doesn’t perform as intended. Of course it doesn’t, as it’s a different ball. If they made throbot line up with other brands ball first and then throw the radical ball in comparison, it’d make THEIR ball look bad. It’s all about how they sell those numbers always trying to imply that more backend is always better and purposely generating misguidance. It’s just lack of honesty.

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