Luis Napoles vs PBA Champion Stu Williams! 12 Strike Challenge!

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I challenged PBA champion Stu Williams to a first to 12 strikes challenge! I hope you all enjoy this one!

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44 Comments on “Luis Napoles vs PBA Champion Stu Williams! 12 Strike Challenge!”

  1. @4:52 STU’s trash talk game is ON POINT!!!!! hahahahha luv the content Luis thanks for the video…next time you do one of these if at all possible can you do where you both throw the same ball i’d learn more that way as I do come here to learn but this was very entertaining and thanks for always being yourself and just being real on the channel…Keep up the great work sir! 🙂

  2. beef with some QUALITY trash talk lol. “He’s got almost as many gutters on youtube as barns has majors” was an all time belly laugh on this channel

  3. That was impressive Luis. Even with the two gutters u won. Also u was clutch and closed him out. Shout out to Stu very cool guy.

  4. The 9 pin with the X2 is the devil. I’ve left that pin with that ball more than I recall with any other ball I’ve owned in 30+ years of bowling.

  5. I couldn’t believe you threw a gutter ball! I was laughing so hard!!! And then you threw another one. You’re killing me Luis!!!

    1. @Luis Napoles I think it would be so fun to watch, especially if it goes to 1-1 and the 3rd is a tie breaker, keep up the good videos man love the content

  6. Geez, Stu is smooth and is very confident when he knows his release is good. Dude is a solid pro. Great having him on the channel!

  7. Any day you can beat a pro is a good day. Would love to see Barnes out there too. Maybe a random challenge as well…. Picking your opponents ball perhaps. Or anything fun like that. Keep up the good content.

    1. @Luis Napoles I had my highest game last night. 243. With a Motiv Villain Scorn. Sat in my locker at the bowling alley for months and I decided to give it a whirl. Previous high was 233.

  8. Absolutely neg 1 for channel bass. I get cracked up when you say you don’t like the exotic gem , I’ve never seen you do hardly anything but strike with it . 😉

  9. When Stu said…”Did I say that out loud…?”😂😂😂😂😂
    If you bring that Texan Barnes to town…I’m going to double down on him…Definitely Cool Customer there!

  10. Man. This was a great challenge. If Stu didn’t have that plastic ball, he probably would have won. But my man Luis came out victorious, after throwing 2 gutter balls 😂😂😂

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