Livestream with fellow Motiv Staffer Diante Fields

On today’s livestream Diante and myself will be tossing some of Motivs newest and best balls! Some of the balls you can expect on this stream are the Purple Tank, Desert Tank, Jackal Legacy, Tank Blitz and Venom Shock. Join the stream and let us know what balls you’d like to see tossed and we’ll do our best to answer any questions y’all have!!

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  1. Whats the biggest difference between New Tank Purple and Tank Blitz other than urethane and Microcell that their made of. Ball reaction

    1. They actually address this multiple times throughout the video. Diante actually throws several shots from different areas for comparison. I can’t pinpoint a timestamp, but it goes on for much of the middle third or more of the stream.

    2. I like you guys but I am watching this video to see the new Purple Tank and not all the Motiv line balls Lol

  2. Hay D this your other family in Delmar Delaware, glad to you doing what you like to do. Jalesa said to tell you hi she is living Alexandria Virginia. Working on her Dr.

    1. Hey!! Wow, that’s an awesome city! Thank you, you know it’s always a roller coaster with me and this sport haha. Hope to see you all soon.

    2. @Diante Fields Bowling . Jalesa’s dad would love to see you bowl your New equipment on Different Patterns on the lanes, set us on what’s on lanes and your layout on the ball. And have some fun.

  3. Hey motivlou, huge fan love your channel. Very entertaining but educational for the sport of bowling. So my question is after what you saw today, what do you think controls the friction better, desert tank or purple tank? I bowl on old wood lanes with very little volume put out for the house shot, length is 38-40 ft. Im a slow speed, medium rev player as well.

    1. I appreciate you saying that about my channel ! If we are talking strictly what controls the friction then it’s 100% the purple. But if the volume is really that low then the desert tank would be best.

    2. @MotivLou thank you so much for your reply. Sadly it really is a very low volume, can’t get into anything too aggressive for that reason. Im looking forward to grabbing my first motiv ball and you’ve helped alot with that, thank you.

    3. @jonathan combs you’re welcome! I would highly suggest trying out the Desert tank and/or the Pink Yellow Thrill

  4. The Purple is amazing! Diante literally struck a million times with it. It’s funny though that they both kept saying “Purple Hammer” when they meant to say Tank. 😉

  5. Was great watching you guys today. Quick question, I got a Legacy and a Sniper, need one more to finish off my league bag. Was thinking Venom shock or a weaker pearl, like a fatal or strawberry lemonade. What’s your thoughts? I’m 17-18 mph @ 250-300 rpm.

  6. Lou, When the Venom Shock first came out I had one and loved it. Now I would like to get another one but because of an injury I can only roll a 13lb ball. The 15lb ball has a 2.48-34 rg dif, The 13lb ball has a 2.58 23 rg dif. I was wondering if it would be a wast of time and money to get the 13lb with such different numbers. .23 dif is getting quite low. What do you think.

    1. This is strictly my opinion but what makes the venom Shock special is the cover not the core. So I don’t think it would be a waste of time or money

  7. Ok, Luis… the numbers on the Desert Tank and Purple Tank are the same. I’m assuming the Purple just starts up early, whereas the Desert will give you some skid (or just doesn’t pick up early). What’s the real difference? Like the look of the Desert, but if the Purple would fit my shot better (14 mph and low 300s rpm), then I can go that way.

    1. I’ll know more in the coming weeks BUT the purple being urethane means it won’t shape nearly as much as the desert

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