15 Comments on “Live Stream 2/24/21 Featuring the Motiv Purple Tank & Friends!”

    1. I appreciate that!! Any way I can be of help just let me know!! I do offer virtual coaching through my patreon which is linked in the video description and in my about page here on YouTube! We gotta get the younger generation interested in bowling!

  1. Tbh feel like they shouldn’t have released a urathane ball. It kinda makes it seem like they didn’t have enough faith in their microcell balls.

    1. I can understand that thinking and TBH I still believe that microcell is better BUT there are still situations where you absolutely NEED a ball to hook early and stop and microcell just doesn’t do that

  2. The shape of that Purple going through the lane is amazing.
    Note: When urethane forces you left, don’t throw it right, you must parallel in. Your angles should always remain straight and your ball speed will likely need to be backed off.

    1. I’m afraid that’s not always the case. The amount of volume in the middle will dictate how direct you will play the pattern

    2. @MotivLou
      Understood. I am talking about ‘strong urethane’ on a house shot though.
      With my Purple Hammer, Black Widow or Midnight Scorcher, I can start by going ‘straight’ up 8 and as the fronts breaks down, parallel left and go straight up 9, then 10 then 11 and so on. I soften my hand as I move left giving the ball more time to read and as I move left my angles are closing down more and more. This strategy is if you want to stay in the ‘same’ strong urethane ball. Of course you can always ball down to a weaker urethane ball and stay where you are, or just move into resin and start pushing it right.
      Ideally a player with three identical urethane balls with the same layout but different grits can stay right where they are and not even have to move for the three game set.
      They start with their lowest grit ball and as the front breaks down, ball down to their higher grit ball and finally to their highest grit ball.

    3. @nordattack I think that MAY be the case for the lower rev rates. In my experience with urethane I haven’t had much issues with shaping it with a softer hand once the fronts go away

  3. I just got a venom shock and I’m torn on how to lay it out….im a rev dominant player and I’m thinking about putting a pin down layout on it. What are your thoughts?

    1. If you’re rev dominant then pin down may not be the worst idea ever to be honest. Just really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish!

    2. @MotivLou I usually don’t have a hard time getting the ball down the lane but everything seems to be too strong on the backend….my thinking was doing a pin down with 4 or 4 1/2 inch pin to pap to smooth out the backend reaction….trying to make this my go to benchmark ball that I will be the first out of my bag

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