Let’s Look At The Past !Q Tour Pearls Before The !Q Tour Ruby Arrives!

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!Q Tour Ruby is right around the corner so today we are looking at the ones that came before! The !Q Tour Pearl (The Gold Ball) and the !Q Tour Emerald both are AMAZING bowling balls so the bar is set HIGH for the Ruby!

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47 Comments on “Let’s Look At The Past !Q Tour Pearls Before The !Q Tour Ruby Arrives!”

  1. I’ve been on a grind acquiring over seas IQ Tours. Last week I got the IQ Tour Blue which is insane! This week I won the IQ Tour Pink (brand new) in a bid for 200. I’m excited to drill that one for sure. 100% getting the Ruby, there is no doubt. I also bowl at South Point Luis. 👀 Edit: 02/20 Just bought a brand new IQ/U 😎 The grind continues.

    1. @maaku3633  iq/u feels like it’s between the pitch black and fast pitch. Reads early like the pitch black but more continuous and flare like the fast pitch

  2. I had both but was not a fan of the golf but actually loved the emerald I love that ball but ended up dropping it and it cracked. Was never able to find a new one so I am excited about the new one coming

  3. Hey Luis! So, based on my understanding of RG and diff, with these balls being so low in both categories, would it be fair to say that the cover stock is doing all the work to cause the movement? I don’t think I can recall any other ball being so low in both RG AND diff (other than something like a spare ball, of course).

    1. Big thing here is that the cover does most of the work no matter the core because the cover is what actually touches the lane

  4. I’ve never owned any of the IQ Tour balls. I’m revamping my lineup, and I’m putting a Phase II at the top of my bag. The Ruby looks like the perfect pearl ball. I have low revs and low ball speed. My plan is to go Phase II, Ruby or HyRoad Pearl and then Hustle Wine (which I already own and love….Would be great to see the comparisons.

  5. Shot my career high series of 858 with the gold IQ tour pearl, I loved that ball, but it was a little too weak for me to use most of the time, but when I was able to it was money! Unfortunately it’s cracked all the way around it now. 😭 Differently want to pick up a ruby when it comes out

  6. I had a IQ Tour solid. Absolutely hated it because it was too smooth and early for my liking. Hoping the new Ruby with the R2S Pearl will be cleaner and a little more weaker than the solid

  7. I am interested to see how the ruby compares to the revenant. I imagine that the revenant is going to be significantly stronger and that they can be in the same bag.

  8. Great timing for this video! I shot 300 yesterday at a tournament in Redding, CA using my !Q Tour Emerald. I’m still in shock, honestly. I had the !Q 30 back in the day and loved it, but it cracked and that’s all she wrote. I will most likely pick up a Ruby. This core / cover combo is just so damn versatile! Thanks for the video.

  9. I had an IQ Tour gold back in juniors. I had shot a 296 with that in tandem with my Ebonite Mission in a beat the coach against my dad. Pretty cool the mission was mentioned while I was typing this out.

    My only experience with the IQ30 was in a demo day. Didn’t like it.

    I had the IQ Emerald during my adult career, it’s shared 50/50 for both a 300 and 800 with the IQ Tour Solid.

    Special mention- I shot a 300/822 with the IQ Tour Nano pearl

  10. I had an Emerald and utterly hated it. I tried my best to make it work but it simply was over/under city. Gave it away to a friend and he doesn’t like it either!
    By comparison the IQ Tour Solid, which has the same core, rolls very true and does work well for me.

    1. @Luis Napoles I’m always wanting to transition to it ASAP. Starting to wonder if I need the big hook monsters at all I love it so much

  11. Got my iq ruby yesterday, pro shop guy had one and didn’t want it. First game out of the box was a 269 and I averaged 201 with it on red square in league this morning. This ball is insane.

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