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  1. Gotta be honest, I have watched several reviews including the videos that you have done, and it just seems like people are struggling to find the sweet spot for the ball. I hear a lot of people that are making excuses, like, I need to throw it better. It seems like it needs a great shot in the perfect spot on the lane to strike or have a good look. Just my 2 cents.

    1. For ME it has been a very versatile ball. Good one thr fresh with surface and even better in transition with polish

    1. Why r you getting around the ball. Get hand up the back and crank up the ball correctly as a one hander also the in to out take back is problematic too. Why not get a coach and fix things?

    2. @Luis Napoles eh good point if you can generate good scores on sports shots and have good speed and revolutions that’s all that matters.

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