1. Still have my spectre and it’s a GOAT on all house shots. No matter where the breakpoint it (with fine tuning of speed), it comes back and punches the pocket.

    2. @Tribenix yea but when i was going to buy both they were recalled so cant get them i hope the new specter is just as good i hope the new specter is a world wide release not just over seas

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm phaze 5 with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  2. I dont buy any storm reactive balls anymore after my phaze 3, electrify pearl and Hy Road Gold Pearl all cracked after 1 1/2 Years of use.
    And before you ask, i also have an Hy Road 300 (Overseas Hyroad Pearl) and Motiv Trident Abyss.. These are much older balls and never cracked.

    Storm has lost me on the reactive market.. But atleast their Fast Pitch still does a great Job on the lanes. I like urethane balls more anyway..

  3. Hoping that they use a stronger R2S formula, Maybe R2X. That should be enough to make the shape different from previous releases.

  4. I’ve seen it posted on my proshop’s Facebook page 6 days ago in the UK. The colours are stated as Arctic/Sapphire/Slate, the fragrance is blueberry crumble. All the other details are as stated in the video.

  5. Just found out it’s coming stateside this October 21st. It’ll be interesting to see how the reacta gloss reacts towards friction

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