7 Comments on “League Night Livestream! NEW bowling balls! 12/2/21”

  1. Was that a 256 in the 3rd game?? Nice rolling! I just got back into bowling after 15 years and I am having a blast and enjoying your content! I see a lot of similarities in our games, although I’m not nearly as accurate as you and I’m sure my rev rate is probably a little lower. I picked up a Helios and have been loving it, however my 1st game is always a struggle on fresh. I’m either playing straight and going through the face or moving a little left and hitting pocket but not carrying the 10. I was thinking of getting either a Reality or a Proton Physix for those 1st games on the fresh. But should I maybe consider the Altered Reality as well? You make that thing look good!

  2. Iam going to go practice on Sunday at my bowling alley because I work tomorrow and Iam off on Sunday before my league starts on December 16th

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