17 Comments on “League Night Livestream 8/5/21 ALL NEW BALLS!”

  1. Love the shirt Luis, I just bought the same color . I went with Roto Grip instead of Storm.


    1. As I’ve said numerous times. I’m a free agent. The first wave of balls I got were spi balls. The second wave of balls will be brands of Brunswick. Thank you for the support…

  3. So will you be known in the future as ( RotoLou/StormLou/GlobalLou/ etc…) this will be interesting. Keep providing awesome bowling content regardless of Brand my dude!!!

    1. Definitely not lol I’m a free agent and even if I sign with a new company I’m not going to out the name of the company in my handle. Learned that one the hard way lol

  4. been a rotogrip guy for 40 yrs, my arsenal is rotogrip, Radical and Motiv fatal venom. Thanks Lou for the info on the fatal works awesome. . never really like the roll of storm have tried many only one that l really liked was the Old Virtual Energy from around 2007. The UFO Alert is sick
    Good Luck Lou, cant wait to see your comparisons about other balls now. you need to check out the radical line

  5. The problem I have with storm is great balls first 6 months u own it after that dead. U have to buy new balls every year I don’t have that kind of money. Motiv stuff last longer period. Good luck to you.

    1. I never had that issue before when I threw Storm. Maybe things have changed I have no idea. I do love the longevity of the Motiv brand

  6. Lou, good luck with your new adventure. I understand that you are a free agent and just happen to be using Storm at the moment. Storm balls never worked for me. Maybe you will have more luck. I have a suspicion though that you are going to end up going back to Motiv. We will see.

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