League Livestream with NEW BOWLING BALLS!

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Todays league livestream will feature some all new bowling balls! Come hang out with us on stream!

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17 Comments on “League Livestream with NEW BOWLING BALLS!”

  1. How did you bowl tonight Luis your bowling series and what was your score on all three games and did you win all the games

  2. Canon R6 is a nice camera for stills and video. I have one. While not quite as good as the R5 it is $1000 less. IMO it would serve you well.

  3. Watching the reply, I heard you talk about a “process: you go through before you start your approach, what do you do?

  4. Does Chris Cannon ask for tips during the league? Would think he could easily average 20 pins higher with a more consistent backswing. I hate seeing him struggle. Do you have aspirations to be a certified coach?

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