League Livestream Week 4! Trusting The Process!

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8 Comments on “League Livestream Week 4! Trusting The Process!”

  1. Well, Now I see your real issue now that I can see your footwork. Flaw #4 your first step only needs to go in front of your left foot not five boards left of it this then causes Flaw # 2 not keeping your bowling shoulder level and steps 3 and 4 you drift right which causes your inconsistent launch angle and accuracy yes you scored 888 but on a house shot on a sport pattern you won’t break 600 for 4. Your footwork should be fairly straight after the cross over, so if your start with left foot on 25 it should finish on 25 this will keep everything in alignment. Review this video for yourself you will see what I see. Sorry you won’t trust a 60 year old man with 45 years experience to help you out.

  2. Is it just me or is that backswing crazy out of line? No offense here, asking in general, as I was a strong bowler myself in the late 90s early 2000s and trying now to re-learn, but it looks to me like like your backswing is just all out of alignment with the “pendulum” type movement you want to see. Love the videos though man keep it up!

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