16 Comments on “League Livestream! Week 26!”

  1. I think Storm should come out with the EF tornado series starting with the EF 0 and EF 1 at mid-level EF 2- EF 3 at upper mid level and the EF 4- EF 5 at high preference level.

    1. I do have an idea for a challenge, have the center you do most of your ball reviews at oil a very short pattern on the lanes that pattern being 27′ in length very flat last three boards only 11 mills of oil. I think that would be a very challenging pattern.

    2. If there was an oil pattern out there called the tiger oil pattern how would it be like in your mind?

    3. @Luis Napoles within the EF 0 to EF 3 part of that series take the trisphire core and for the EF 0 give it a pearl cover stock EF 1 pearl sanded at 1500 grit EF 2 hybrid cover stock and EF 3 the trisphire core paired with the phase 2 cover stock. For the EF 4 and EF 5 same core but with one more sphere added to the side of the core with a flip block added EF 4 being a pearl and the EF 5 being a solid.

  2. I’ve got a DV8 brutal collision drilled up I love that ball it goes through the pins like a tank.

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