4 Comments on “League Livestream Week 25!! ALL NEW Bowling Balls and Big News To Share!”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling league how did you bowl all 3 bowling games series scores and did your bowling league team win all 3 bowling games Luis Napples

  2. Good content Luis! Sorry I missed the livestream. It’s some fun stuff. I will be sure to look for Jordan’s video! #JordanPopDrop. Good luck at Nationals and States. May your moves and ball choices be wise and the pins fall in your favor. ❤ 🎳

  3. That didn’t take long to put the Harsh Reality back into the bag. I just had one drilled yesterday and I can’t wait to get on the lanes to try it out. I just heard you say you started with the SuperSonic… I saw the Orange and Black and assumed it was the Harsh Reality. My Bad!

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