League Livestream Week 20! Alpha Crux in the bag!!

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Live from league week 20! Come hang with us!

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16 Comments on “League Livestream Week 20! Alpha Crux in the bag!!”

  1. Looking for 300! Luis if you were to build a 3 ball arsenal (spare is 4th ball) what would you recommend for house shot? More oil in the middle of the lane and the cliff on the ends. I’m a righty but rev rate is in between Chris and yourself

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling league team Luis how did you bowl your series on all your 3 bowling games and did you all win all the game team handicap did you take all the games your team bowling team Luis

    1. Im just getting into ball motion started adding more angle to my shot about a month ago! Now I can’t go back to the 10 πŸ˜‚

    2. @Luis Napoles I’ll send you a video this week while I’m at League. You won’t see me throwing straight up 10 board.

  3. After 3+ ball changes hopes of a great league night are practically gone.. Instead of sampling so many new balls, run with a forever ball like the phase 2 or zen.. But I think Luis does this for his viewers to show the potential of the hot new releases..

  4. Dang bro, all other streamers show way better sportsmanship than you. You talk bad everytime you throw a bad shot and change balls too much for 3 games. And try not hooking at spares. Good luck

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