19 Comments on “League Livestream Week 10! Two New Balls Testing NEW Layout!”

    1. Yea right in the very beginning I said that I drilled a fresh reality and a 900 global dream on both drilled 45×4 3/8×65

  1. Dude that guy you were bowling against was bugging me the whole time. Still can’t believe he flipped off the camera

  2. What type of camera yall use to record live or it just on a phone or tablet? And does it like connects to wifi or your phone to record live online. Or does it just record and save to be uploaded later? And how much storage does the memory card has?

  3. Christopher was talking a little too much about another Youtuber last livestream. I recommend certain things be said off camera if need be. This was the most recent livestream he setup in your absence.

    1. Those streams have since been deleted the ones from when I wasn’t there. Can you please share with me what was said? Either here or in a private message but I definitely wanna make sure nothing like that gets said again

  4. In my humble opinion, Chris needs to work on the push away and straighten that up, just saying as I have been coaching for 38 years.

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