11 Comments on “League Livestream 3/17/22 SUPER Special Rare Ball!”

    1. Agreed. These videos need more to bother watching. Luis some ideas- Tell us/show us what balls you have beforehand. Practice then a quick talk on lane conditions. Then when bowling and you make changes discuss what you’re seeing, why you’re changing what you think ball X will do. Things like that may make them worth watching.

    2. I’ve been live-streaming league for a little while now and if you watch it live I do chat in the chat but so comment during league would be too much. I’ve thought if making a league vlog but then I would be copying Darren

    3. @Luis Napolesunfortunately can’t watch it live…. a flash of the final scores on the screen at the end would be cool that’s all it’s not fun watching it and trying to guess what you shot each game I wanna see the results 🤷‍♂️

    4. @Chris D We actually have a great time talking it up with Luis, Chris, and Ryan during the livestream.

  1. What was the special ball. Watching on my phone and thinking 2×4 screen doesn’t do much of any good

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