7 Comments on “Lane Topography and Temperature – #RadicalRundown”

  1. How should a center go about getting their own topographical maps? Anyone have an idea where to go about that, I work in a center that has not had that to my knowledge andit would be very interesting to see the graphs compared to precieved idea. Heres a thought, past surface what advantage might there be to using a ball more forward off a high spot vs more angular off a low spot. Semms like one of those paper science vs applied science disscussions.

  2. In some circumstances lane topography can change with the weather.

    Wood lanes can expand and contract, which creates the potential for changing topography. Each board is slightly different and might expand or contract at different rates with changing temperature and humidity. And some synthetic lanes were bonded directly to the old wood lanes. I remember one extreme case where a lane warped because the wood beneath expanded or contracted, bad enough that the lane machine’s buffer could not contact the entire width of the lane. That was just one lane and the issue was later resolved, but smaller scale topography changes would not normally be detected easily.

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