Krysta Is BACK By Popular Demand! This Is Our Top 3 Bowling Balls On The Market!

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On todays video Krysta is back and we are talking about our top three bowling balls on the market! The beauty in this video is that her and I have two completely different styles and it shows in our ball choices! Let me know if we should bring back for a few more!

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33 Comments on “Krysta Is BACK By Popular Demand! This Is Our Top 3 Bowling Balls On The Market!”

  1. I like how Krysta is explaining where she is standing and what board she’s targeting. Now I want her to teach us ladies how a low rev, low speed can stand that far left. YES, BRING HER BACK with a tutorial!!.

  2. Great video. The dichotomy between your shots adds value to what different balls can/will do, on same lane conditions. As an aside, I don’t like Sunset Station; with you each throwing so many strikes, I like it even less. 🤣👍👊✌🖖

  3. Second video and Krysta already more comfortable and vocal. I do like seeing the different styles/approach/speed/release etc. Looking forward to future collabs. Maybe some fun “mystery ball” battle/challenges head to head. Or watching each of your various spare pickups (how to shoot a 10 vs 7) and the adjustments from your 1st ball. Anyways, long winded answer to…yes more Krysta 👍

  4. Great video I really enjoyed the two of you throwing your three favorite balls. I have the burner pearl and burner solid but in summer I can only use the solid and I went pin down basically as my spare ball. First ball is zen master and I really like it but not sure I want it to be my winter league first ball. I really loved the storm liiegal ball but will have to see what happens.

  5. Krysta is awesome and you two play off each other well. That being said… bring Chad back! lol. The channel needs more Chad

  6. Absolutely bring her back! Her Reality looked like it tracked to and through the pocket best! A great line and great bowler! I’m jealous! Great bowling to both!

  7. Love the different styles. Please bring Krysta back. My favorite balls are original Idol, Storm Axiom,Zen.

  8. Reality, Zen and Hyroad are what I bring to league. I’ve been looking for a go left ball and that burner pearl looked pretty dang good!! You should definitely bring her back, you guys work good together!

  9. My top 3 currently is idol Helios, dark code, and continuum. Continuum I just drilled up not to long ago but love the roll and hit like a tank!
    I also think Krysta should come back, good to see different styles and give a wider range of how the ball moves.

    1. Also note I have not thrown the Zen yet, but got one sitting in a box at home waiting for fall season, so I’m sure that’ll make the list.

  10. Great video. Quality editing as usual and you both did a great job with the commentary. New to bowling so My top 3 balls may not be the best choice but here is my list:
    1.) Hammer Web pearl high game 230 (618 series). This ball has a very aggressive hook and hits so hard! Not very forgiving if I miss left but I can push it way out and it always has a chance to get back.
    2.) Roto Grip UC3. I haven’t used this as much so high game only 197 but… This ball is so predictable and so forgiving that I recently decided to use it as a spare ball.
    3.) Hammer Scorpion high game of 238. This is my high game so far but I don’t feel nearly as comfortable with this ball. It may be the pin up mid layout. I will be putting in some time in league with the Scorpion and see if I can dial it in more consistently.

  11. I have a Motiv question. Knowing how much you loved the Desert Tank, have you been able to throw the Blue Tank? And if so, how do you like it compared to the Desert Tank?

  12. Also, Krysta needs to be in all your videos from now on! LOL! She’s cool, and her style of bowling is a great contrast to yours, and we can really see what a ball can do from 2 different bowling types.

  13. Just picked up the zen and it’s becoming my favorite ball. Love the length it goes but comes back strong and hits like a tank. Probably gonna over take my paragon eventually

  14. it’s funny how we are all different, I sold my UC3 and my Zen after about 20 Games with each … but absolutely love the IQ and the Reality is starting to grow on me … great video BTW

  15. Bring her back as much as she will come back. Its great to see two different styles. Great content

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