10 Comments on “Katana Assault Core – Technical Overview – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I absolutely love these technical rundowns of the cores. Wish these were available across more brands! Removes some of the guesswork regarding what layouts to choose, and if kicking the mass bias right is a good idea on that particular core or not.

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball radical katana assault with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  3. Thanks for these video, Bryan. They are extremely informative and it’s cool to see all the science and engineering behind a bowling ball.

    1. assuming that drilling angle still puts the MB in the thumb for your PAP, it should get to very close to .030. the difference is with the core more stable at release, the ball will be a little longer and more rolly than at the 3.5″ pin-PAP position.

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