Just How Different Are The Storm Phaze V and The Phaze 4?!

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Today we are comparing the all new phaze 5 to its predecessor of the phaze 4!

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47 Comments on “Just How Different Are The Storm Phaze V and The Phaze 4?!”

  1. The Phaze 4 had a softer cover, which was made it illegal right? A softer shell would make the ball earlier. So a regulation cover should make it cleaner through the fronts.

    1. That was part of it but also doesn’t mean all of them were too soft it was a large batch that was “soft”. I believe too that colors are different rolling I agree with Luis. Gold/yellow/brighter balls seem to roll a tad earlier at least for me anyway.

    2. It was the factory polish contaminating the needle on the durometer tester that caused them to read as being too soft. Had they removed the polish per the lab test procedure there wouldn’t have been any issue, but they were using a shortcut field procedure with no surface prep.

  2. I tried my usual pin up layout with the P4 and it was way to responsive when it friction, I don’t remember my original R2S pearl Phaze being so sideways. Plugged it, put the pin in my middle finger and now it’s fantastic!

  3. It looks like the Phaze 4 takes the path of the number 7. Sharp turn-Down and then hockey stick on an angle to the pocket. The Phaze 5 is more like an upside down J. Longer and rounder through the turn.

  4. Good review Luis – I have a Four (Pin Down) works well for my slow speed game – I’m waiting for the Five – will have it drilled Pin Up – I like the shape and kick in the back end. Thanks!!

  5. Love my Phaze 4 but upset it’s basically a league only ball now. So I ordered the Phaze 5 as soon as I seen it’s release date over a month ago. Can’t wait to get mine !!!

  6. Hi Luis, nice video! Regarding the Phaze 5, is it my imagination that it seems like the retired Roto Grip Idol Pearl in terms of shape? (The color definitely seems similar, by the way, lol.)

  7. Got to throw my Phaze V tonight in league and it was a great ball. I am a 2 hander but it worked really well on the fresh!

  8. I’m curious to see what the P5 would look like compared to the ALTERED REALITY. LUIS YOU ARE THE VIDEO KING! YOU SHOULD QUIT YOUR DAY JOB , YOU ARE MORE THAN SUCCESSFUL !

    1. @Luis Napoles Do you think the P5 is anything like the Altered Reality? I know ones a sym and the other is Asym.

    1. @Luis Napoles Indeed, however, they come out at the same time. I’m trying to decide whether I want the stronger cover/smaller core or if I want the weaker cover/bigger core.

  9. I learn more from your misses then recurring same pocket shots. I want to see how a ball recovers from a bad shot.

  10. I have the exact issue that’s shown in this video with my phaze 4. it just seems a board too early and if I don’t throw it perfectly, i’ll split or go brooklyn side. with phaze 5 it definitely looks like it’s smoother and isn’t as aggressive at the breakpoint

    1. Same exact thing for me. I’m getting it redrilled with a longer pin to see if that helps before I give up hope on it.

  11. I’m getting my Phaze 4 drilled with a longer pin to help me get it down the lane more. It’s way earlier than I was expecting so I miss left with it a lot.

  12. Yes I have a phase 4 I really love this ball I am going to get a phase 5 I think I can trust this ball like the phase 4

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