1. I just got JoPo’s installed in my whole arsenal after multiple failures with both other competitors. My only minor complaint is the only way I can change the IT’s out is using the install tool. They all snap in very hard, so I can’t use my thumb to change them out. Could this possibly be an install error by my PSO? Otherwise JoPo’s are fantastic.

    1. I can’t do them without the tool either, I think after a while you may be able to. But, no deal breaker.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball jo pro grips interchangeable thumb inserts and interchangeable fingers inserts

    1. They are not hard to unscrew with the tool. The tool is very sturdy and fits easily in your bag. Most bowlers have at least 2 JoPos ; one in the spare ball, and one for all other balls. Some have 4-5 inner sleeves of variying sizes for changes in thumb due to swelling or shrinking because they don’t use much tape in their thumbholes. Great product.

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