7 Comments on “John Furey | Radical Spy”

  1. looking forward to adding this to my aresenal perfect for outside the slop of house shot oil

    1. It would be less than Urethane and it would push a bit like Urethane but probably not as much

    2. @patrick cook the only thing I’ve noticed is that it has more length than urethane but it’s got a urethane type shape on the back end

    3. Urethane usually reads too early on a house shot so I could see this working pretty well

  2. I need to see throbot for this. All you pros have too many revs to compare accurately. I’d love to see it compared to a counter attack pearl and the Mo Phil spare ball.

  3. How does this behave when used as a spare ball? Is it hard to keep it from moving in the back?

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