Jason Belmonte’s First Look at Journey | Storm Bowling

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The next collaboration between Storm Bowling Products and Jason Belmonte is here! Journey takes the tried and true TX-16™ Solid Reactive and adds some pearl to create some length without giving up control. Combine that with the F-8™ Core and you get a shape that is unlike anything else in the current line up. Let us be apart of your Journey.

Find out more about the Journey here:

Coverstock: TX-16™ Pearl Reactive
Core: F-8™ Core
Finish: Reacta Gloss™
Color: Deep Indigo/Smoke/Turquoise
Fragrance: Kiwi Cantaloupe

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25 Comments on “Jason Belmonte’s First Look at Journey | Storm Bowling”

    1. Yes and No, on Paper it’s stronger but Rex is a combination of NEX and R2S, and the R2S makes it go a little longer, so I think the TX-16 is gonna pick up earlier, I think it’ll be similar to a Trend 2, which is a ball I loved so excited for this one

  1. I’m inclined to agree with him about hitting the nail on the head with this ball. The F8 weight block is outstanding, and a bit of pearl in the TX-16 cover looks great! Compare the ball motion and continuation through the pin deck of this ball with the other balls Belmo usually throws. I think he’s going to be throwing this one almost every day, at some point in the day.

  2. but how will this ball work for bowlers who don’t throw their shots 20 miles an hour with a rev rate over 500 ? ?

    1. Exactly. He’s just trying to sell the ball. You can see he’s lofting the hell out of it to keep it on the lanes

  3. Was considering between a FATE or an IQ Tour Teal overseas ball, I got the teal, and well it’s more than strong enough for my house shots and don’t regret it with NRG PEARL and C3 core
    Though I wonder how the FATE would do with my very low rev low speed playstyle

    This one looks exciting too, more diff than my IQ, similar RG and a similar strength cover (NRG vs TX-16)

  4. It rolls so good, for you, that it seems to set up right into the pocket~~! I suspect there will be many 300s in your future, with JOURNEY…..!

    1. Storm would never keep two Belmo balls at the same time. And no matter how long it takes for him to make a new one, the old one will stay in the lineup

  5. This is not complaint on the ball or Belmo. This is for everyone of these ball reviews. It would be nice get and average guy or gal someone with and average of around 200 and not a person with a 250 average and a seasoned professional. These guys can make a plastic ball look good

  6. So it has the same core as the fate and a very strong pearl cover just like the fate so what makes it different than the fate?

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