Jason Belmonte BEST Bowling Ball Yet | Storm Journey Ball Review!

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Storm Journey bowling ball review! Jason Belmonte hit an absolute homer with this one!! www.youtube.com/@jasonbelmonte

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17 Comments on “Jason Belmonte BEST Bowling Ball Yet | Storm Journey Ball Review!”

  1. I like the addition to the 2nd camera. Multiple angles and a different perspective for your videos. Keep it up bro, can’t wait to get this Journey.

  2. Phenomenal video Luis. You keep getting better and better with the camera as well as the content. I think Magic Gem, Virtual Energy Blackout, Journey may be the pieces to add to my bag to round out my arsenal. I think Belmo finished his latest creation with a Chef’s kiss

  3. I love the new camera angles! It reminds me of a couple years ago on your channel when you used to be with Motiv. Kind of nostalgic in a way.

  4. I really like the Fate, but it’s a tad too clean for me (I could take the polish off but don’t need it for league- want it for late in tourneys when I finally start bowling them πŸ˜…).

    This cover should help it pick up a bit better.

  5. Another great video Luis. The ball looks really good, but it seems like seeing this ball in action , will add context to how and when, to use this ball. Great to see, the mighty mighty bos-Stone/Cannon combo.πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  6. Loved Timeless for me it was a quicker down lane motion than the HyRoad and I loved that about it. Never threw Drive, Pro Motion or Trend 2 so outside of videos I have seen I can’t really muster an opinion. Got to throw Trend and Fate at two different matchmaker events was a huge fan of the Trend but Fate I loved really felt like a shape I was missing at the time but sadly I lacked the funds to pick it up and now its discontinued so hopefully Journey gives me a chance to fix missing out on the Fate.

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