Jackal Flash Vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison

Whats going on Motiv nation?!? Today I have a two ball comparison between Motivs two asymmetrical pearl bowling balls the Trident Nemesis and the all new Jackal Flash!! Let me know how you guys are liking these two ball comparisons and if you would like to see more in the future! Please subscribe to my channel to show me you want more content!!! as always #GetMOTIVated

45 Comments on “Jackal Flash Vs Trident Nemesis | In Depth Comparison”

  1. I’m putting both in my bag. I’m paring the Alpha Jackal with the Jackal Flash and the Forge Fire with the Nemesis👍🏿💪🏿🔥🔥

  2. The Flash looks like it is a little more versatile. Need a pearl and considering a Motiv ball. Thanks for the work you put in on your reviews….they are fantastic.

  3. So both are going in bag for sure. I Loved the way the Flash came off your hand it definitely looked the most consistent out of the two and had a little more wiggle room for error. The Nemesis also looked good but with less wiggle room looked on a couple of the shots and gave a over/under read and became a little squirrely. Curious what were your 2 layouts ?

    1. Troy Jacobs so the nemesis is drilled 70×4.5×30 outs the mass bias in my thumb. The Flash is drilled 45×4.75×20. I agree with you that the Flash was the more consistent one of the two. The Nemesis got more and more erratic as the lanes transitioned while the flash kept doing its thing. I def believe that there’s room for both in the bag!

  4. The Flash looks great and the Trident Nemesis look great as well I have and love the Trident Nemesis but the Flash may go in my bag after I get the TankBiltz first. Thanks for the great Motiv content!

  5. League is not going to happen this year in SoCal I am almost certain, but the Flash is going in a tournament bag for next year for sure. Hopefully we will be good to go for nationals.

    1. Brian Wolf I can’t wait for all of us to get back to bowling world wide !! I love this Flash a lot right now! I’m not confident playing this deep inside but the Flash makes me feel like I can play this deep with tons of confidence!!!

    1. Its a good one! I cant wait for the release date to see everyone tossing the flash!! Really is a game changer IMO

  6. I like to see a comparison between the Golden Jackal and the Flash Jackal. I have the Golden Jackal and the Trident Nemesis. Would it be a good addition or something that would be to close in between.

    1. Richard Santine the golden and Flash are not even close. The flash is different enough that you can have all 3. If you go to my original Jackal Flash review I threw the golden and you can see how different they are!

    1. @MotivLou what if I thrpw 14 pnd I see the rg drops quite bit which gives similar numbers to nemesis would this react similar to my nemesis then? I love my alpha and ghost nemesis has reacted just like you explain

    2. @MotivLou wasnt going to change weights just wondering if 14 flash will act similar to nemesis since it has lower numbers at 14 or around it still react like yours

    3. Tyler Caudill ohhhhhhh oh oh lol I would say the flash would still be stronger. The cover is the most important part of the ball

  7. Sold me on the Flash, I do not own a Nemesis, But I will put in my bag the Alpha,Forge fire,Venom Shock, Desert tank, waiting on my Flash to get to the pro shop,

  8. The Flash was very adaptive to the lanes when your went far right it came back through the heads with enough power to clear the deck… Awesome ball … I personally have the Trident 🔱 I feel the Flash will be a great asset.

  9. I’m 59 yrs old started bowling at age 5 slot has changed since then at age 15 had my first 300 in Midland Texas. John Denton was my idol he lived in Midland he would coach me sometime if I was having trouble. Awesome times I pay it forward I coach 4 kids I love it.

  10. I finally did a surface change on my Nemesis. My pso watched me throw the Nemesis, and said it was going to long for me. The pso put a 360/1500 surface, and it worked wonders. I bowled 199, 192, and 231. i had a chance in first 2 games to finish over 200 and possibility of 700 series.

    1. I watched your videos on different surfaces changes on several balls, but can you do a video on dual grit surfaces and how they work. What the difference between single and dual will be. Keep up the good work.

  11. I’ll overthink ALL this! My game isn’t tight enough to do that. I LOVE my Jackal Ghost (I recently bought a used Rogue Assassin as a step down)! But I’ve liked videos on the Nemesis (love the shape). Used to throw a Code Black (skid/flip killer), but it got CRAZY violent of the dry. I’m thinking, with a cleaner ball, it would benefit me to be able to play straighter. Simply down and in. Because I fit the Predator V2 core, I am also thinking about a Legacy later, as opposed to the Forge Flare. Maybe a Forge for a smoother reaction on heavier conditions.

    1. I filmed my Legacy Flare comparison today and I’m noticing that the Flare is actually stronger up front than the Legacy

  12. This is what I will respect Motiv for, I had a pearl ball once, and it had a hook stop motion, that I couldn’t stand, I could never understand the breakpoint and never threw it right. Watching the Nemesis on youtube, granted I’ve not thrown it yet, so I won’t say if I enjoy it yet, but I like how it turns without stopping, that is already a step up from most pearl balls on the market today.

  13. great video! I’m new to bowling and have been learning to curve the ball. I just bought a Nemesis and Im wondering where the pin should be placed when I have it drilled. I’m left handed and have low rev rate. any suggestions would be helpful. thanks!

    1. The very first thing you should do is go into your pro shop and before you get that ball drilled go have your Positive Axis Point (PAP) measured. That’s the most important thing you can do for your game. Then we can layout your ball using dual angles based on your PAP. Usually for lower rev rates you want a stronger drill. I would recommend 40×3 7/8×30 once your pro shop has your PAP measured they’ll know exactly how to layout that ball !! You should consider joining my Patreon, I provide all this info to people who join! The website is http://www.Patreon.com/MotivLou

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