Jackal Ambush – Drilling Timelapse

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There's something so satisfying about watching a new ball getting drilled! This Jackal Ambush is a part of one of our demo test sets. Keep a lookout for a MOTIV Test Drive in an area near you.

Test Drive Events:
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7 Comments on “Jackal Ambush – Drilling Timelapse”

  1. Need this and the Ghost! Also need EJ Tackett to make a trip to Okinawa and bowl with our community!

  2. What does drilling the mass biass out mean in means of ball motion . I have a alpha jackal that is pin under my ring finger and the mass bias was drilled out from the person before when they had it . But if it still had the mass bias it would be next to my thumb but under my thumb to the left
    And yes I am left handed

    1. no, this was neutral. It was drilled for one of our demo sets. We always try to keep everything neutral on those.

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