Jackal Ambush Ball Review with Andrew Anderson and Mike Magolan

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#TeamMOTIV staffers Andrew Anderson and Mike Magolan take the new Jackal Ambush out on the lanes. In this video, we compare the new Jackal Ambush to the Jackal Ghost and Carbide Tank. You'll see that the Jackal Ambush is the earliest and strongest MOTIV ball made to-date!


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31 Comments on “Jackal Ambush Ball Review with Andrew Anderson and Mike Magolan”

    1. @bowlmotiv Thanks Nick. Most of us always have enjoyed Mike’s Motiv ball video’s and missed them the past year.

    1. Staffers will never compare a new ball to a ball that has been discontinued… maybe one of the other guys who throw Motiv will do that. πŸ˜‰

  1. Great video! Loved seeing how the balls reacted/looked going down the lane with 2 different bowlers’ releases/rotations/rev-rates. Andrew is a great presenter!

    1. @bowlmotiv omg i totally didn’t expect this lol. i love you guys. i love motiv. its improved my game and makes me challenge myself daily. you guys are great. once i think im done buying a motiv ball you guys pull me back in lol. i can’t wait to get this new JACKAL once its out. again you guys are great.

    1. @bowlmotiv I am a PSO and after your videos go up I get questions about what layouts were used.
      Great videos by the way. I really enjoy them. Informative and good camera angles.

    1. That is our direct price. Our direct prices are always way more expensive than you will find elsewhere. We do this because we don’t want to compete with the pro shops carrying our equipment. We want to support them and send customers their way. For example, I see the Jackal Ambush for $214 online.

  2. I hope their not getting rid of the jackal ghost ? I heard that the Venom shock may be in trouble. I wish Motiv would keep both of them as STAPLE BALLS

  3. Appreciate that you guys include educational stuff as well as the ball demos. It’s super important that bowlers understand that strength =/= downlane motion. Ball strength is from front to back, not side to side.

  4. Cool tech bowling motiv jackel ambush with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  5. Can Motiv bring back Venom blue coral and Dessert tank? Sold out everywhere. Most lane are dry nowadays. No more over hooking ball please.

    1. the Blue Coral Venom is still in our line! We have plenty in stock and have regularly been shipping them out to distributors so they shouldn’t be very difficult to get! Unfortunately the Desert Tank is retired πŸ™

  6. AA your the man, love seeing your videos and enjoy the way you cover the information for all type of bowlers and deliver it on video! Best of luck in 23 !

  7. Guys, im not sure what is the best ball for people like me with low rev rate (300-350) one heavy oil / long pattern. Jackal Amubush? Jackal Ghost? Any other? I rly don’t know

    1. If you have low revs and are more speed dominant, you’ll definitely want to lean toward the Ambush. Something that reads earlier in the oil to give you time to see the motion. If you go with something cleaner and with more down lane reaction, your lower revs won’t give the ball enough time down lane to make it back to the pocket so you’ll be forced to play closer to the headpin. This isn’t a bad thing, it just will have less motion for you overall

  8. What are MIKEs Layouts on BOTH balls.. This is the line I like to play.. Thx My REV Rate is about the same as well, Whats his SPEED as well? I have a friend of mine that made me switch over…

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