Is this anything like the purple hammer? | NU hammer Full review

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26 Comments on “Is this anything like the purple hammer? | NU hammer Full review”

  1. Is there anything that can be done from a layout perspective to get it started up earlier to get closer to the purple hammer reaction?

    1. I feel like a short pin or even short pin below the bridge would work. I think that’s how I’m gonna do mine. Hope JR agrees.

    2. at box, NU has a rougher surface finish than purple. this was done intentionally so that the length and shape is closer to purple.

  2. So on house conditions like if people are throwing surface and breaks down quicker this ball will help blend this out and be more controllable. The only urethane I’ve thrown was the storm natrual

  3. What a fantastic demonstration, and your analysis of what you were seeing and why, was spot on. Really opened my eyes. Thanks!

  4. Way to go JR! Another convincing review! I was on the fence, but I now be over the fence! Iโ€™m 54 and lost some rev rate over the years. The NU may be in my bag sooner than later. Again, thanks my friend!!

  5. Love your analysis of the 2 Balls. I think the new blue Hammer will be a great ball for the league patterns. Itโ€™s going to be interesting to see how it performs on those touchy PBA patterns next season.

  6. So good JR!!! Appreciate the review. Just for sh*ts and grins how about a comparison video on the Blue Hammer NU to Motiv’s Yellow Jacket Tank for us bowling review junkies?

  7. It’s not reactive. Buckosh explained this in a video a few days ago.

    It’s a never before seen/produced coverstock.

  8. Thank you for your comparison. Best comparison video out there. I like that youโ€™re showing the motions of the balls, and not concerned about striking every time.

  9. Awesome Comparison! I’ve been waiting for the honest, non-sponsored opinion on the true differences between these 2 balls. The Blue Hammer looks good, but I don’t think it’s shape looks like the dominant shape and softness of the Purple. I think it’s a ball that will work better for those who thought the urethane was too quick than those who thought the urethane motion was perfect.

  10. at box, NU has a rougher surface finish than purple. this was done intentionally so that the length and shape is closer to purple.

  11. Great review, J.R.! I’ve watched several other reviews of the NU, and yours is by far the most objective and insightful one that I have seen. Like you say, it is a reactive ball, and it simply is not remotely close to the Purple Hammer’s motion. In the final analysis, it is all about marketing. If Hammer gave this ball a different name, a different logo, and said “Hey, we’ve got a great weak reactive ball here!” even with the exact same reaction, sales would absolutely crater. My question is, do you think that this ball has a place in the bag of a player like myself with a 300-350 rev rate and medium ball speed, or would I be better off with something like the Roto Grip Tour Dynam-x? Thanks again for a great, eye opening review!!

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