Is The Motiv Venom Shock The GOAT?!?

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have a discussion about what is the GOAT bowling ball!! In my opinion it's EASILY the @bowlmotiv Venom Shock!!
This has been my absolute go to ball for a VERY long time and one of Andrews and myself favorite balls ever!!

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46 Comments on “Is The Motiv Venom Shock The GOAT?!?”

  1. I switched to Motiv this past summer league and the Venom Shock is my favorite ball ever. Just saving up for the Fatal and I’m good for a few years

  2. Bought a shock as my first ball, and under your recommendation, I just picked up a Alpha Jackal. I’ve been bowling regularly for about 6 weeks, and now I’m hooked, no pun intended.

  3. I still use my original shock bought one month after release date….has to have about 2000 games on it….my second one bought 2 years ago I dont use as much….maybe 300+ games on it….that being said I would say the venom shock is the goat and I would say the jackal ghost is the goat asymmetrical ball….those 2 balls are always in my bag no matter what….so for anyone building a 5 or 6 ball arsenal I would say a shock as your benchmark symmetrical ball and a ghost as your benchmark asymmetrical.

  4. 9:19 one hand, 2 hands, NO hand LOLLLLLL. I can’t take this man OMG LMFAO. I agreed, had a 14lbs Venom Shock myself and love the brand after using it! I’m now switching to 15lbs and about to get a brand new Venom Shock! Definitely going to carry it with me to 15lbs.

  5. Yes I absolutely love my Venom Shock. Why? For me, even when I use it in conditions that it’s not really designed to perform in it always gives me a stable and predictable roll, period.

  6. Shock is the goat imo. I’ve had 3 so far and all 3 were extremely versatile with the surface alterations. When i threw i storm, I had a hyroad like most that throw storm do, and it was a great ball as well. The difference for me, is the cover. The shock handles all surface changes like a champ. The turmoil mfs, because it is a solid and not a hybrid like the hyroad, makes it more usable for more players.

  7. I Love My Ripcord Flight sooooooooo I just got my Venom Shock delivered today, and will have it drilled this afternoon for my evening league. I will give you my honest opinion.

  8. The Shock definitely deserves all the glory it gets. I shot my first ever 300 last night using the Shock!! I have a fatal venom on the way !!

  9. I believe the V.S is the Goat, it’s my most trusted ball, for testing a oil pattern or switching to it for more dependable results

    1. That’ll depend what you’re looking for outta the ball. Are you speed dominant, rev dominant, balanced, like to hook it? Like to play straighter? An overall good layout for a Shock would be. 45×4.5×40

  10. seven years old, Nah, I will go with all the new surfaces storm is doing, glad I checked I am good with old balls, but that is a bit much for me.

    1. I wouldn’t think of it as an “old” ball. Its still in production and all the pro staffers and regular staffers still throw this ball ALL the time! You absolutely don’t have to try it but if you ever change your mind you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!

  11. I just purchased a Venom Shock on last week, put three practice games on it. Then I entered my first Tournament in over 30 years. I bowled 3 game series to qualify with a 688 scratch ! this ball is so good even an old Duffer like me (64) can score with one. I love it and it will never leave my bag. I also have the Fatal Venom to go with it.

  12. In my bag a desert then vip what ball would fit in between for a lefty a shock? Or I can get a legacy and add a stronger ball next to my Ghost.

    1. Ohh that’s a tough one because if you don’t have a shock you should DEFINITELY add the Shock to the bag!

    2. @Robert Spaulding The shock will be earlier and smoother than the VIP and will also be more ball overall

  13. I’ve never thrown Motiv and am dropping down to 14lbs and would like to try this or i would stay with a HyRoad… should i make the jump?

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