Is The Motiv Purple Tank My New Favorite Urethane Ball EVER?!? Purple Tank vs Combat Tank

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The Motiv Combat Tank has been my favorite urethane ball ever for a long long time! In this video we will find out the the Purple Tank is my new favorite of all time!!!


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57 Comments on “Is The Motiv Purple Tank My New Favorite Urethane Ball EVER?!? Purple Tank vs Combat Tank”

    1. @MotivLou anytime bro, if I can make it out to Vegas for Nationals or the military tournament I would love to roll a couple of games 👍🏾

  1. I know the idea here is to highlight the Purple, but this video really showed how incredibly good the Combat Tank was and how wrong motiv was by making it a limited edition ball. It was already the same kind of super-urethane ball that creates great shape without going longer. If motiv gave this ball a little more time to shine, it would sell a TON

  2. The purple looks the best to me but I like a little bit of hook. It looks very good and better than everyone’s favorite purple hammer. In the future it might be cool to see an original urethane cover with a huge core in it. Then you could really wreck havoc on the oil pattern in some pot games and high rollers. By only using urethane tanks and hooking them cost to coast. With the purple having a good conver and another having a Decent cover with a really strong core

  3. Another excellent video! Purple Tank looks amazing.
    I laughed when you said you are trying to learn how to “slow hook urethane.”
    With my slow ball speed that is all I can do!
    I know it is silly to say this, but I am looking for a versatile urethane ball.
    By that I mean:
    1. I can play it straight up the boards from the right (5,6,7) when there is enough oil.
    2. If the outside line breaks down I can parallel left and still play straight up the lane (8,9,10) and know the ball will read and continue through the pins in that thick oil.
    3. If the lane is super cliffed I can feed the ball to the right (11 to 7) and it will not die out, but rather grab and continue left through the pins in a smooth arc.

    1. @MotivLou Lou, maybe you could take a quick look at my channel, video # 120.
      It give you an idea of my slow hooking game. You think the Purple Tank would work for me?

    2. @nordattack so I had the hot cell back in the day and the purple is a much stronger cover than the hot cell but the cell has a much stronger core

    3. @MotivLou Cool, that is BIG intel for me. If Purple Tank has stronger cover than Hot Cell then that tells me A LOT. Thank you Lou!

  4. Lou I need help I’m ready to buy a bowling ball and I need advice 3 balls phase 3 dessert tank or forge flare I cant dicide

    1. Thoughts on the forge fire my dad said I cant get the dessert tank because ej takket was throwing it as a spare ball so my dad said I’m getting the forge fire. Thoughts?

    2. @Always LND Ej throws at spares straight so on other shows he was throwing other balls besides the desert as a spare. Have him watch my latest tournament vlog that comes out today and tell me if the desert is a spare ball LOL

  5. Dude it did it again… I’m gonna try unsubbing and resubbing. Maybe that’ll fix the stupid notifications

  6. Hey Lou I’m looking to get a new ball. I was thinking the jackel ghost I’ve watched all your videos on it but idk it it’ll fit me. My favorite balls at the moment are the rogue blade and forge fire have any suggestions?? Or suggest the ghost?

    1. So both of those balls are on the angular side so it looks like you need a smoother option. I would be in agreement with a Ghost forsure! If you want some more in depth arsenal building where I can watch how you bowl and give you more feedback definitely consider joining my Patreon. The link to it is in the description of this video! Hope to see you there!

  7. Hi

    I saw the Arsenal from E.J. by the Doubles and he had the tank Blitz in his scale higher than the V.I.P?



  8. Hey Lou,I’m looking for a ball for when the lanes start to transition I’m currently using the Hammer Web tour . Which ball would you recommend the purple tank or the venom shock. Any input would would be appreciated,I enjoy watching your channel and your videos!

    1. The venom Shock 100% the urethane balls are much better suited for the fresh oil conditions! Join my Patreon linked in the description and we can get WAY more in-depth into arsenal building!

    2. Thanks for your help,I’ll be getting a venom shock this weekend. I left 14 ten pins on Tuesday nights league,hopefully this will help me out . I’m also still thinking about adding the desert tank or the purple tank also as I’m only using the Hammer web tour as of now since I donated all my other balls with the counterweight holes .

  9. Hi

    I forget something to say:
    I never had a Trainer, the Boss of my Center said to me, a straight ball, second arrow and you had a 170 average. The first 3, 4, years a play house Balls and then i got my first ball, a Black hammer with finger Tipps. And we never know wath oil Pattern we had.
    There where only 2 oil Pattern we had, a house shot and a league shot, ready.

    No metter how long oil, how much oil, nothing.

    And in my beginning years we had no oil machine.

    We had a oil pump and there where the lanes so different.

    And in my beginning years i start to play cold as ice, no stretching for practice and the ball make a hook like 20 boards and with every shot the hook goes smaller and smaller and you dont no why and then you start thinking and the game was over or the day was over.

    And then i start stretching bevor the games and my games where better and better.

    And this was my beginning in bowling.


  10. Hi

    After 41 years of bowling its to late for a Trainer, i had all learnd by myself, and with 4 300 games a 205 average over the 41 years i think its not so bad. 2 bavarian
    Double Titels, 1 bavarian Single Titels and a 10 Times qualifing for Germany Titels play.


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