Is The Gear Core The Best Core In All Of Bowling?!?

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The Gear core is in some of the best bowling balls that Motiv bowling has ever made! This begs the question if its the GOAT of cores?! I have put multiple layouts on these core and haven't found one that I didn't LOVE!
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52 Comments on “Is The Gear Core The Best Core In All Of Bowling?!?”

  1. Has there ever been a gear core with a jackal coverstock? If not, would that be a good idea for a new ball in the motiv line?

    1. The Gear core with the strongest cover has been the Shock. I def wouldn’t mind a stronger cover I’m just not sure how that would react on the lanes!

    2. @MotivLou It wouldn’t work. Storm tried some strong monster covers on their !Q cores and they just were duds

  2. I agree. My first ball back after a 15 year break was a Venom Shock and it was amazing. Find a lane to match it up with and it hits like a battering ram. I have the tank blitz right now and it is the most forgiving ball and I believe it is because of the gear core.

  3. i am waiting for your Jackal Legacy Review.. In Theory that ball would be Crazy Strong..Forge Flare Cover with the Jackal Core.. Should be a monster.. 😀

  4. I have the Tank Blitz and the Venom Shock. I really like how they roll for me. I think I may need to get these re-drilled. If the ball doesn’t come off my thumb perfectly it tends to start rolling over the thumb hole. These are the only 2 balls I have ever had this much of a problem with. When I am throwing it correctly though these balls are without a doubt my favorite I have ever thrown.

  5. I loved the IQ Tour Solid out of box, that ball has very close numbers to the Venom Shock. One problem I found is the coverstock had died and had become lazy down lane even after taking it from its 4000 sanded box finish to 2000 sanded. If the Shock can hold up coverstock-wise like I’ve seen and heard. It’ll be the easiest ball for me to get into.

    1. Throw nothing but Motiv these days but the IQ Tour is one of the best balls ever made… Better than the Shock in my opinion.

    2. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the !Q tour solid. Was one of my favorite balls ever. Reason I like the Shock better is that it’s more cover than the !Q but no doubt both balls are all time

  6. Love the videos… From an engineering standpoint whatever shape gives those low RG & Diff numbers is a winning combo for control.

  7. Putting a 3000 grit on Venom Shock will blend it out, and still work on med/dry conditions? I’m planning to get the Fatal for dryer conditions.

    1. That’s good to know. What about tournaments? I finished 6 in men’s in the tournament, yesterday. The 2 main balls were the Nemesis and Villain.

    2. I really appreciate the knowledge and videos. Keep up the good work. As of know, my team will be in the Nationals in June. I would like to try and meet you just to say thank you, if that is okay.

  8. Great timing with this video! I’ve been wanting to see the difference between the Blitz and Shock. Of course, now I need to pick up a Blitz to complement my Shock!

  9. Hi

    I know you are a Motiv Staffer, but is there a Ball outside from Motiv that is there a Ball outside from Motiv that is stronger then the Forge Flare?

    And is there a Chance outside from the USA To be a Motiv Staffer?

    And i Like your Videos very Well because you throw not only Strikes and you show how To make Spears.

    Can you say me what a flight cost from Michigan – Flynn To you.


    1. In my option the Forge Flare is the strongest symmetrical ball on the market and prob top 2 or 3 strongest balls period!

  10. With new annoucement of the Jackal Legacy, do you think you can have both balls, Flare an Legacy? Im a tweener with 16 mph and 350-375 rev.

  11. Hi

    What do you mean is the best Benchmark Ball from Motiv, Roto grib and Storm?

    Or from other Companys.


  12. Hi

    Can you make a comparsion where you Play all your Balls from the same line.

    So i would say that we can see the most Differenz of the Balls.


  13. Hey, I just subscribed today, because I truly like they way you do your videos.. I love the live practice sessions, as well as how many people’s questions you answer at the same time… Im currently bowling with Roto Grip, but now I wanna change to Motiv.. Im in love with that Forge Flare, but I saw a new Jackal coming out towards the end of this month.. In your opinion, was is the difference between the Forge Flare and the Jackal Legacy??

    1. Thanks for the sub! I appreciate that ! So I haven’t drilled my legacy yet because I haven’t got it yet but I imagine it will be earlier and create more shape downlane! I will know more when I punch it up and try it out! =)

    2. @MotivLou thanks for the response bro. Can’t wait to see it, and keep up the good work.. Because of your videos, I will transition to Motiv…

    3. @The Simple Life that’s awesome to hear! I try to respond to all the comments on the channel ! If you ever need any help or questions with the Motiv equipment you can join the MotivLou Facebook group page. We have a GREAT community of bowlers who all help out on the page when people post videos or questions. Take care friend !

  14. The gear core is definitely one of the best and one of my favorite cores out right now, my all time favorite core is the Cell core though

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