Is it too strong or two angular?  #bowling #shorts #subscribe

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42 Comments on “Is it too strong or two angular?  #bowling #shorts #subscribe”

    1. Angle is created by the rotation the bowler puts on the ball. I could have a ball drilled with a lot of side weight but yet forward roll it and create a small angle to the pocket

  1. Hey Luis, I’ve been watching you for a while and I was wondering if I could post your videos on my channel with credit to you and a link to your channel, if that’s ok, if not it’s cool

  2. Strength is measured in front to back motion, with that said, my eyes saw the ball sailing through most of they lane and then it took off at the end. So either move way left or try a ball that will smooth out the reaction (phaze 2, iq tour solid, hyped solid depending if this is fresh or not)

  3. I think its just a bit too reactive to friction. Had the ball entered the friction further downlane it may not have crossed over.

  4. Too angular imo, if that’s the X2, that’s already a clean ball. Idk your drilling, but I have seen your videos and you let the clean pearls go longer or pin down, so……maybe the lane is a bit to burned up for the X2 at that time.

  5. A little too much axis rotation from that spot?? A bit more up the back and it might have read earlier and rolled out at just the right spot??

  6. Too strong (for where you’re playing with that ball). Angularity doesn’t determine overall hook potential, just WHEN it hooks. Correct answer: Too strong.

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