1. If they throw HK22 on a widow I’ll be all over it like a lion on an impala! Seeing how they also have out a Black Widow Red Pearl Urethan that looks like the Red Pearl Hammer, I’m also hoping that they put one out in Blue so it looks like the Blue Pearl Hammer.

    1. HK22 is a base formula, not just a singular cover.
      In my eyes the closest resemblance seems to be something like NRG, a blend of strength and shape.

  2. CB, love hearing those kinds of rumors brother, 1:08 CB it would be very really cool to see a window HK, can you imagine’ 2:29 CB looks like a good/yellow deep yellow. 3:31 well I will be looking on BowlersMart for it but my guess it’s 350.00 for the IQ TOUR, say that 5 times fast.

  3. Black Widow Pearl 2.0 + HK-22 Coverstock + The Original Red & Black with Yellow Logo color scheme. I’d lose my mind.

  4. It’s probably why BowlersMart put the pink widow down to $90. A Widow with the HK22 on it??? That will be massive. Definitely need to keep an eye out for this. I just drilled the Widow Savage and it rolls insane. My first set with it was a 688.

  5. Cool tech bowling bowler rant Chris beans storm iq tour Galaxy with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  6. Hopefully the new widow is a hybrid! Their is pearl, solid, and urethane. So need a hybrid to complete my black widow arsenal!

  7. BEANS!!! I’m still in mourning after my BW Gold suffered a fatal 360 degree hemispheric CRACK!!! I was only averaging 232 with it in 3rd game transition!!!

    IDK if HK22 is going to match up well…shout me out when the rumor becomes reality!!!
    Nice work as always!!!

  8. RE the IQ Tour Galaxy – I really do wish Storm would make these things available – at least in a limited fashion – domestically. ROK/JPN do seem to get the best looking coverstocks in general. Last one I picked up was about $300 including the shipping costs, whereas a brand new Super Nova or Infinite Physix is $199

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