Introducing Brunswick Zenith Hybrid

The Zenith Hybrid was designed to bridge the gap in hook potential between the Solid and Pearl. With the A.X.H. Hybrid coverstock, you'll see more overall hook than the Pearl with more length than the Solid.

With the 500/1000/1500 SiaAir finish, the Zenith Hybrid will give you aggressive traction on heavier oil conditions. The Black/Ice/Smoke A.X.H. hybrid reactive is Activator Xtreme Hook, which blends together the best parts of the original two coverstocks.

Using the original Zenith asymmetrical core with an RG of 2.485, differential of .052 and intermediate of .019, the Zenith Hybrid will have plenty of power to back up the aggressive coverstock.

The Zenith Hybrid features the newest and innovative technologies with DOT and DynamiCore, which increases hitting power at the pins, provides virtually unlimited drilling options and superior durability for the life of your ball.

The Zenith Hybrid is available on August 20th.

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4 Comments on “Introducing Brunswick Zenith Hybrid”

  1. are their throwing hands and forearms fully shaved to have all that tape on it? i really dont want to shave just my right hand and forearm, cuz i feel like the tape would help…

    1. I can’t speak for them but I can speak for my experience with that type of tape. While fully shaving isn’t required, short arm hair is a must, both for effectiveness of the tape, and for pain prevention when removing the tape.

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