Introducing Brunswick Defender Hybrid

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Over the past eighteen months, the Brunswick Research and Development team has worked hard to develop the next breakthrough in cover technology. After pouring and throwing hundreds of bowling balls with dozens of new base reactive urethane formulations combined with a wide variety of chemical components and additives, our ball team has created something exceptional – the new HyperKinetic22 coverstock.

The new Brunswick Defender Hybrid is the first ball introduced using HK22. You'll first notice the shelf appeal and colors of the Defender Hybrid and how they pop; this is due to the new translucent base material. The new base material HK22 creates a noticeable and exciting advancement in shiny ball hook potential, creating more teeth in the mid-lane for a shiny ball and a stronger, more responsive breakpoint. The ACT 3.0 additive package was added to the HK22 base to achieve optimal ball reaction.

The overall result is more backend and a shiny ball that will handle more volume and give the bowler more area at the breakpoint!

The Defender Hybrid is available 10.21.2022.

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7 Comments on “Introducing Brunswick Defender Hybrid”

  1. Cool video talk tech bowling Brunswick defender hybrid with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  2. Just released today, got the only one my pro shop had, same day drilling, pickup in 3 hours can’t fucking wait for this thing to throw it

  3. Looks really good but looking for a friend, My friend is well honestly just getting into the hoken game and he’s getting used to practicing getting the Ball off his fingers, But yes he is using a pearl right now and I said it would be good for him to find a hybrid or solid. For house conditions this ball would be good for League play mainly? My friend is more power and less revs.

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