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  1. Can you give advice for short bowlers, (I’m 5′ tall), in ways to help my game, be it by hand positions or releasing ball, ball choices,(types of weight blocks, inside shells,outside shells….) I’ve been out of bowling for 5 years and I’ve been back 1 half years, currently I just bowl leagues.
    One house has a modified big ben pattern 45′ with high friction backend panels, outside 1st arrow light oil to dry. The oil last for 4 games with 4 person teams. Private owned house (1of 3).
    The other house Bowlero owned,just bought, 42′, outside 1st arrow light oil, backends not as responsive, sometimes heavier oil on lane, other times lighter oil. Again 4 person team 3 games, usually I play both houses any where from 1st arrow to 12 board, up the boards, or slight swing. But with the Bowlero house, when there is light oil i move more inside and swing 10 boards from set down to arrows to, 3 or 4 boards more right to break point. The i realize i got to throw my entry level reactive, so back to up the boards between 3rd to 2nd arrow…

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