I’m Quitting Bowling For Basketball?!?

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It's time guys! Im coming back to basketball after YEARS away! Im not really quitting bowling but I will be doing some more basketball videos on my way back to joining a basketball league! Hope y'all will continue to support me on this platform! I love you all!

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39 Comments on “I’m Quitting Bowling For Basketball?!?”

  1. Good luck with this. Hope you enjoy it and can get back into it the way you want. I do miss league night but you have to do what is good for you so like you say you will be able to spend quality time with your son in the future

  2. This is a great idea, and you’re gonna drop the weight and get in shape fast. Fun way to work out too. Looking forward to see your progress.

  3. I can’t help but feel that you will dive into this basketball venture just like you do with bowling…very analytical, methodical, disciplined. Can’t wait for the Spalding versus Wilson basketball reviews!!! 😄

    1. Hey man, that is apparently a thing. In the NCAA different schools have different balls and they all have slightly unique properties from one another according to the players and coaches!

  4. Luis I give you mad props for this decision, it’s not easy making a life change when it comes to health and fitness, I can’t wait to follow your journey, you have my full support ❤️

  5. Hey Luis, love your channel and happy for you making a positive lifestyle change. I too was a big basketball player in high school but had to stop playing for a couple years due to some upper body injuries… my advice is don’t play any one on one or 5 v 5 until you’ve gotten into decent basketball shape. I made the mistake of playing one on one too fast after a long time off and rolled my ankle really bad and broke it. I jumped up high and didn’t have my leg strength back to land properly. Just looking out for ya buddy

  6. Once a hooper, always a hooper. Glad you’re incorporating a change and I hope you make great memories with your son.

  7. This gets me more motivated to hit the basketball courts again too! Still need more bowling practice tho lol

  8. This is going to be a BIG change! Especially because you’ve only posted bowling videos. But the fact that you are doing this for yourself and your son is amazing! No amount of money is worth your life because you only live once. Your true supporters will be there every step of the way.

  9. I love basketball almost as much as bowling. They’re my favorite 2 sports. You are putting my favorites in 1 channel so I’ll be watching!

  10. Keep it up Luis! I gained like 40 pounds starting from a few months of the coronavirus lockdown until the end of 2021. The start of 2022, I started going back to the gym and playing basketball for my cardio and now I am back to my original weight but with more muscle mass. The added fitness has certainly helped me with my bowling as well! Just wanted to send you some extra motivation!

  11. Playing another sport is also going to make you a better bowler. Working on hand eye outside of bowling always helps my bowling game oddly enough!!

  12. Stick with it my man! I have struggled with weight ever since my kids were born, going down and up a few times, but its definitely important to keep yourself in good enough shape that you can play with them and be there for them, so I wish you the best!

  13. Never played Basketball for any length of time. I believe it will help you in our fitness. keep it up and good luck with your goals you have set up for yourself.


  15. Great decision for you and your family Luis! Best wishes on your health improvement journey!

  16. Great video. You never quit bowling. Playing basketball is great for your exercise. Bowling is never old

  17. Love this im on this same journey keeping both sports in my life and also getting back to an healthier lifestyle for my family, looking forward to more of these videos 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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