Idk What Y’all Heard But The Storm Night Road HOOKS! #Shorts #Bowling #iykyk

Idk what y’all hearing but the Storm Night Road HOOKS! No question about that!

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9 Comments on “Idk What Y’all Heard But The Storm Night Road HOOKS! #Shorts #Bowling #iykyk”

    1. How could you have ever heard this LOL Just go on the website and look it up. Hyroad core with the same cover thats on the Dark Code and Infinite Physix

    2. @Luis Napoles I looked back and I am mistaken. It was Casey Murphy’s review and it stated it was the Infinite Physix coverstock around a HyRoad core. Have a great day Luis.

  1. I couldn’t get it to move. My buddy was standing next to the ball return. Throwing 20-8 and was still leaving the 9 pin. And he throws 20+ mph

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