I Was NOT Expecting This While Comparing The TNT & Hyped Solid!

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I was not expecting this while comparing the Hyped Solid and TNT!

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45 Comments on “I Was NOT Expecting This While Comparing The TNT & Hyped Solid!”

  1. I’m struggling with my hyped solid over hooks now that I hit it with surface. Before it just slid downlane hooks late

  2. Hey Luis! I’m barely getting back into bowling again after a few years. What 3 ball arsenal would you recommend for a regular joe/league bowler? I’m leaning into starting with the !Q Tour solid so far.

  3. Just bought me a tnt today i had it drilled with the same layout and surface prep as my idol synergy 45x5x50 and 500 grit then 4000 and they compliment each other well

  4. I was going to buy that rst2x squad but it is still out of stock so I will buy the GOAT Phaze 2 I almost bought the hyped but my bag already has similar balls need something different

  5. Love my Hyped Solid. It’s a house shot killer! I just left it with the out-of-box finish. But, when I have to move left, I usually make a ball change. I don’t like the reaction when you have to swing that ball. It’s much better going up the boards, not crossing them. I had a chance to demo the TNT. Wayyyy to early, for me. Maybe some /compound polish would help it get down the lane. Great review!

  6. Both balls were looking a bit long on whatever that was that you were bowling on, and both looked a touch slow downlane…in other words they both seemed wrong more the condition.

  7. I’ve had my hyped solid for months now and I’m just getting my game to work with this ball. Hated it up until about 2 weeks ago now I’m in love lol

  8. I know you kind of already had one video , but would you be able to do just the high road pearl vs revenant ? I was curious to see how differently they rolled because I’m missing a ball in that category and I’m trying to find which one I would like in my arsenal . If not all understood 🙂

  9. 45x45x4 left it at out of box surface. Shot 300 with it. For those that want to hook it, this is not the ball for that. I stayed around the track all night and it reacted perfectly

  10. Hi Luis, beyond words I love your content to help me grow in bowling since my retirement. Question, I only bowl in local Leagues. Do you recommend or use hybrid balls? Regards Bruce

    1. Don’t pay attention to pearl solid or hybrid. Just look at the motion the ball is doing

    1. @Luis Napoles I like it more every time I use it. It’s like a more aggressive Electrify Solid.

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