I Shot My Highest Series Ever With This Bowling Ball!

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A few nights ago in league I had a pretty special night! Shooting my highest 4 game series ever with a fresh drilled ball that came out 8 years ago!

Link to this livestream from that night:

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47 Comments on “I Shot My Highest Series Ever With This Bowling Ball!”

  1. Man, I loved my Dream On! It’s so so good.

    If you like this ball, maybe they to find an Inception Pearl, the purple one. It’s S74R pearl cover – one of the best covers I’ve ever thrown.

    Edit: after slowing those feet down, your timing was wonderful – nicely done

  2. My highest series is 761 with the nova but I have a feeling I will get a better one soon. My physical game has been on point the last 2 weeks

    1. How do you like the Nova? I bought a used one from a friend last month for $100.00 and I have been bowling in the 500 series ever since. Last year I had only 2 500 series all season I now have 4. I will either buy another Nova or upgrade to a better ball. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. I bought the dream on when it first came out, still the best hitting ball I have, still use it now. Serial number on my ball starts with 14… could be because I’m from the UK.

  4. I’ve been bowling 2-3 times a week for the last 11 months. I went from 130s-140s average to the 190s.

    Highest sanctioned 3 game series is 684 with a high game of 262. My ball of choice was the wolverine dark moss. Highest non sanctioned game was a 289 with a 727 series.

    1. My 3 game high series was a 745 games of 287-236-222. I am 70 years old and I still remember that league night 30 years ago. I have no 300 games yet and am still bowling a 180 average. I bowl two leagues a week.

  5. Highest 3 game series is 833 with a Roto Grip Devour, highest 4 game series is 1050(823) with a Motiv Jackal Ghost.

  6. I have one. It’s pin up and works well on a lot of patterns. I have it finished around factory finish/ dull. Dream on Luis!

    1. @Luis Napoles I did that like 7 years ago. I did have my first clean 3 game set last week with the Motiv Desert Tank though. I am actually more proud of that than my high series to be honest.

  7. I started bowling this year. Iโ€™m about 8 months in and two weeks ago I threw my first 300 game and 700 series during my first sanctioned league! My 3 game series was 300 166 277 totaling 743 and thrown with the phase 2. I wanna thank you and @LukeRosdahl for dropping knowledge bombs which has helped me a lot!

    1. Wow congratulations! I just started about 3 months ago and am still learning the basics. The guys at work need a permanent sub and don’t have many friends so I joined. I did bowl in a 9 pin tap league for a season like 25 years ago with my brother when I was 14. Bought just a cheap rhino ball and had it fitted and have just been having fun in the handicap league but I’m always naturally pretty competitive in everything I do and I absolutely fell in love bowling I have a blast. I know it’s not super good but I bowled a 174 as my high after a month of trying to figure out how to throw the ball. 2 handed, classic , no thumb. It’s hard for me to get the hook out the ball it’s a lot harder than I thought. I found a roto grip hyper cell sitting on the rack and it fit me better than my own ball drilled for me. Even with my 2 year old running around the alley yesterday I bowled a 204 and I was pretty stoked. Love watching all you guys videos I finally found a hobby I absolutely love. Thanks to all the content creators for helping me get out of being depressed and dealing with anxiety I feel so at peace and just finding something that I enjoys and makes me happy. My alley is 3 blocks from my house and I usually go 4 times a week now and have such a blast. Thanks Luis napoles for the vids and helping me to find myself again and help me without even knowing one another I watch your videos all the time. Thank you. From milwaukee Wisconsin.

    2. @Luis Napoles keep the videos coming!! Thanks for helping us beginners with your knowledge. Please read my comment on this guys comment you’ve really inspired me and found a hobby I absolutely love!! Thanks again bud!!

  8. Just started bowling again this spring. 630 sanctioned is my highest 3 game. 244 is my highest sanctioned game.

  9. My son bowled a 993 in a 4-game sports league where the pattern changes every 2 weeks. He did it with a Roto Grip UFO. Highest 3-game house league is 743 with a Roto Grip Idol and then switching to a Roto Grip UFO Alert. High house game is a 289. High sport game is a 278.

  10. My high series is 715 with an iQ Tour…also my only 700 series. I was a few missed 10s and 7s from another 700 2 weeks ago in my Monday league with a 672 with my IQNP. I hit that 715 about 4 or so years ago too, and I didn’t throw a particularly good shot back then. Bowling is weird. But I guess I know what core suits me well.

  11. Whether the layout or ball, this thing looks sick!

    The motion this thing is giving really shows what an asymmetrical ball does well. Watching it change directions from the camera angle you have here is really cool.

    Nice vid!

    1. Thanks so much! Yea I def think its a combination of the ball and layout just matching up to my game so well!

  12. My high 3 game series is 858. Went 300, 258, 300. High 4 game set is actually in the second half of a 8 game tournament i bowled in this year and it was 1091 to jump me to 4th for the tournament!

  13. Congratulations Lou on a killer series!
    My highest 3 game Sport Shot series is 652 shot on the 2019 Teen Masters 42′ Long Pattern with my Vintage Grey Rhino Urethane.

  14. Thanks for replying to everyone, and making these extremely entertaining and helpful vids. It’s not much but I hope it helps you somehow.

    1. WOW!! Thanks so much for that! It’s actually my first super thanks on the channel! Seriously means so much!

  15. I have 4 of them, plus a Dream Shift. Shot my first ever 300 with it on 10/8/2022. I changed the layout and surface to match my Dream Shift. After having it changed, second game of practice was when I shot the 300. Sooo, the new name they’ve changed to is the Gear 300, using the same core with different covers. All are overseas balls, I’m waiting for them to re-release this line again state side. Good Shooting! I love the Dream On and the Dream Shift.

  16. Just had my high series two weeks ago! So maybe we did it the same night ๐Ÿ˜‚ 690 series 224 246 220 all w a hyped solid. Just started bowling last year and I started at about 130 average now up to 187 after two good weeks. Appreciate all ur info and congrats on your series

  17. I have a friend of mine who has this ball. I’m a two hander right. This ball was fantastic for me. I have no idea how it’s layed out but it had a really awesome reaction for me whenever I threw it. I was able to get some pretty good angles with it

  18. hi luis, congradulations on your high series of 1008 thats awesome i have a high tournament seris of 972-with games of 228-259-258-227 in a abt tournament. i also have a couple of nice sets in 3game sets of 808 and 813.

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