I Shot My First 300 With THIS Bowling Ball Over 10 Years Ago!

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The first 300 in bowling is ALWAYS special! I shot my first one over 10 years ago with this bowling ball! Whats your first 300 story?!

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44 Comments on “I Shot My First 300 With THIS Bowling Ball Over 10 Years Ago!”

  1. My first 300 was with a Brunswick Riot Zone. The thing that sticks out for me is that I remember throwing the 11th strike, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the ball to come back, the nerves, and then setting up for the last shot. The first step felt like I was stepping down a steep ledge, and each of the next steps were all over the place and finally releasing the call and watching it roll over my target and then….nothing. I have no memory of if it was a light mixer, flush perfect shot or whatever. my next memory was just the black of the curtain and no whit pins standing.

    1. Its funny you say that lol I have ZERO memory of how I even felt in the 10th frame LOL no recollection of how the ball went through the pins

  2. High school bowling match my senior year. An away match too. Virtual gravity. Tripped the nine late the last shot. Will never forget it

    1. I’ll be honest, I miss those stronger coverstocks. They had this unique ability to see it early but hook in the right spot

  3. I’ve had two 300’s. First one, I also was subbing and shot a 300 my first game with my Phaze 2. Then I was in a tournament and rolled my second 300 with Venom Shock Pearl. Came close for my third 300 a few weeks ago with Infinite Physics 299. Stoned 9 pin!

  4. My first 300 was in Jr league. I was 16 years old and it was the last day of league. Finished my second game with the last 6 and then threw 300 on the last game of the season. Got a ring for it too! I was throwing a Brunswick ultra zone. Loved that ball so much

  5. Great ball Lou, really great! It looks really good with straighter angles when you kept it in the oil. Plugging the hole however could take away some power, so be aware.
    You should have used this ball for Match 5! 😆
    I am still chasing my first 300. I don’t have the power of you big boys so it has to be 12 _perfect_ shots for me.
    Twice came close. Had front 8 with my Hardwick rubber ball and front 8 with my Pitch Black.
    With the Pitch it was actually 11 in a row because I struck out in the tenth of the previous game.
    I will keep trying…

  6. My first 300 ( have 5 now, 3 with a Storm Hy-Road pearl resurfaced to 1000 grit polished)) was about 12 years ago with a Storm Reign Supreme. I still use this ball today and still Ave. over 200 and I am in my 70s (Dave, Colleen’s husband)

  7. My first 300 was with the Hammer Statement Pearl. It was a coaching session and I didn’t know where I was until the tenth frame. First sanctioned one was with the Black Widow Pink (just bought another!)

  8. My first 300 was with the original danger zone. I shot it in a family twosome tournament. The cool part was my oldest brother was bowling lane next to me and we both shot 300 same game. I finished then he was up you could hear a pin drop. On his 12th the place went nuts. Great family and bowling memory.

    1. I used an old Storm Marvel in game 3 of league about 5 years ago for first 300.
      I had been using it previously as my spare ball as it was old but the lanes were breaking down so I threw the marvel as straight as I could [up 7 board] and fulling expected to leave a ten pin or worse but just kept striking.

    2. Danger zone and Danger HPH were my first performance balls I bought. Allowed my to bowl above 200 after years of peaking out at 180-190. Won a tournament with the HPH in Farmingdale lanes.

  9. I was right in the short, woohoo!

    My first 300 was with the Ebonite Mission on 10/25/2014 at the age of 15. I followed it with a 212 and 105 for a 617. I crossed over on the 11th and thought it was over, I got lucky and it struck. On the last shot I got down on one knee and it looked like I was praying to not leave a 7-pin. It was great turning around and being greeted by my dad who was also my team’s coach. If I remember correctly, we were bowling the blind team in our junior traveling league and my name was on the monitor as “Lefy”. I’ve got the news write up for it framed. I can put it in the discord if you want to see it.

    1. @Luis Napoles tempted to drill the one off eBay, and put my original one in its place in my Mission collection

  10. kinda think the hyped solid would look similar to this ball motion for you. think hyped solid may be little quicker off the spot and tad earlier, but could see it being super similar for you!

    would love to see a ball comparison of them in future😅

  11. My first 300 was with the phaze II. I had just gotten into a huge argument with my girlfriend and went to league not in the mood to bowl. It was a 2 game league and shot 226 and then my first 300. My girlfriend was super happy for me and we made up afterwards. It was awesome because I was bowling with my son and he saw me do this and saw how happy I was. Great times I will never forget it.

  12. My first 300 was in a practice session with a storm hy road. Great memories, and I can’t wait to get one in league or a tournament

  13. Wow, that’s a really good video. I mean, I bowl casually and have never shot a 300 yet! But reading the comments, I used to think it was so difficult, but now I stand corrected. The highest game I bowled was a 272, and it was with a scout reactive. This was about 20 years ago

  14. My first 300 was with the original Ebonite Mission.. it was March 2010.. I remember I purchased that ball because I was watching Kelly Kulick using it on the men’s pba tour.. and she really did well.. but the mission was clearing the racks without her having lots of speed..
    Nonetheless, It’s been my lifetime fave..

  15. My first 300 during competition was during some type of Jr Gold qualifier or something back in 2004. I was throwing my Storm Fear Factor. I got it on the first game and then i proceeded to bowl sub 200 2nd and 3rd games. That ball has been cracked for a long time but i still have it.

  16. My first 300 was in 2017 when I was 70 years old. I was bowling on lanes 1 & 2 at Bird Bowl in Miami. I struggled the first two games. Could not carry anything. Move 2 boards right and couldn’t miss. I packed 12 in a row. I was using a Strom Rocket Ship….

  17. Nice vid 🙂 I would like to suggest a ball review of the purple hammer reactive! It would be really interesting to see a comparison between the purple urethane and reactive.

  18. I rolled mine October of 2010 at 31. Had been bowling since 8, so it was a looooooong time coming! I bowled in the 4 hole with a classic 16lb teal Hammer that was on its 2nd or 3rd drill. It was the first time my now wife had ever watched me bowl. She seriously says that made her more attracted to me 😆.

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